Najib’s”Budget day…?”

Are we holding on to our breadth? Is it going to be a people and business friendly budget? A lot of economist thinks its going to be a populist budget?However the usual suspects like cigarette, alcohol and luxury items are in for some major upheavels-SKY ROCKET PRICES..Have you given up smoking yet..???c9727d466701a84677a2931c16eb5e0d

More development funds for rural areas in Sarawak and Sabah? Surely this has to be a major consideration especially with Bank Negara Zeti Akhtar Aziz recently admitted in a Bernama report that more stimuli are required to sustain our economic recovery.

Its going to be debated through the main stream media and TV channels but before it engulfs we just hope that it is well balanced…Over to you Najib…