Pakatan Rakyat Bargaining Starts..??

The bargain begins in the formation of  Pakatan Rakyat. A senior journalist has even contacted a certain prominent businessman and also former MP on his ” signatured hand ”  being involved. He strongly denies now as he has already done his part as planned to rattle the calm waters.

If our meeting with an innsider has anything to go by as reported in our earlier blog the final details hav been ironed out with the State BN administration. ROS has under instructions given the registration a Green Light as this might be another tactic being used. Please recall how SPDP and PRS were formed so quickly while MDC was even denied. It is virtually impossible to say NO to the man himself.

It is a way also to bring the rats to the water to ” DROWN THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL ” The political waters were too calm and the bargaining of the Assitant Ministership seems a done deal and the CM has pulled the plug right under the noses of those who were supposed to be involved.

This so called bargaining TRICK/PLAN has been used many times and it has worked wonderfully by the mentor and the implicator. ( The soldiers were all sent out to the battle fields to fight and they are all MASSACRED.

HAS THE SOUND OF THE FOOTSTEPS STOPPED …?? Hmmm anyone going on the 15th..???