“Will Mawan come out Unscathed..??”

The calm waters in SPDP will soon be hit with a Hurricane. A reliable source informed audie61 that the damages are already done and it needs a new team to repair and rejuvenate the party. We covered it a few days ago with this article ,” A Lemon Twists ” but since then there has been a lot of movements and more disgruntled voices are emerging from the Presidents camp.

It seems that a number of SC members are starting to U-Turn on their allegiance from the Presidents camp and have started encircling the SG’s camp as the political battle of survival unfolds. An SC  member told the source that “If Mawan continues to cling to the PKFZ  Tiong that will be his downfall”  Of course we are grateful to the Tresurer for all he has done to SPDP but the political climate and scenario is too volatile now.

We need also to ensure that we must keep our part of the bargain in that SPDP maintains and win its allocated seats in the coming election or else SPDP will be just looked down as a “Junior Partner in BN Sarawak” It is without doubt that this is one of the reasons that SPDP needs to clear the implications that it is over reliance on one person for its funding. It should be a collective affair and no one person is bigger than the party and BN in totality.

The question is “Will Mawan come out of this Unscathed..??” The answer depends on very much on how the Supreme Council and grassroots of SPDP look at it or if the HIDDEN HANDS are very involved in the party power struggle. There will be a lot of Ding-dongs and also some dirty linens  will surely be HUNG out to be digressed by the public.

Politics afterall is all about PERCEPTION , OPINIONS ,SUPPORTand at the end of the day its not how you win in party elections but also whether the party in totality is acceptable to the voting public in their respective constituencies.

Mawan will be skating on thin ice in the coming weeks as he prepares for the parties Triennial Delegates Assembly but how he comes out will determine his TRUE VALUE  as a leader.

. Now even a cherry is being dropped into the Lemon Twists.

5 thoughts on ““Will Mawan come out Unscathed..??”

  1. joking says:

    As long as Tiong is aroound Willaim is safe, TIONG will spend to keep william in position. SG and Dy President is just for test water and who join them are those against SPDP and BN. better watch out SG team. Do not fall into the trape of SG n dy presiden.

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