Get your Facts right…!!

It seems the Youth Chief of PBB absence from the rostrum is now getting a wee bit out of hand. audie61 has been receiving phone calls a plenty plus a number of emails. Some were very kind ones while others too good hahaha to be published if you know what I mean.

 It was just an innocent statement in English meaning,”Have you got a sore throat?”as we know by all accounts that the facts we put up were gathered from various sources. We are not in anyway “mercenaries” or “paid to write”. By the way,don’t get it wrong again…You will be paid accordingly if the masters you served thinks that you have done a good job.It’s only natural and don’t for once say that we imply anyone. Get it right please…! Facts.don’t.lie….Really.

 However we wish to make it clear though here that this blog must try to get their facts right before they publish their article. Kawan check dahulu sebelum pos lah..??

They posted,” Baca pula Audie 61 sini tentang Yb Fadilah sakit tekak. Tidak hairan mereka merancang YB Fadillah Ketua PBB tidak ada di Majlis BN Sarawak ini.”
Is this insinuating that we are part of the game in getting to their personal feuds if there are any. Are they any.??

 The fact of the matter remains we did not want even to implicate anything on the PBB Youth Chief. It was a genuine question and he reserves the right to answer if he wishes or remains silent. No one will say he is a fool if he keeps quiet. We are humans and by nature we are very curious and audie61 is asking though…

By the way why suddenly a peninsular blog has got so much interests in Sarawak PBB Youth affairs?

There are too many “heroes’ or “champions’ who feels that bashing up or “hantam” all the way is the correct way. Its the Sarawak State elections soon and if there are any issues to be settled amongst the youth boys its bests they settle it at the round table. Who are we to campur in their problems?

If there aren’t any friction or disagreements that would even be better. The enemy for BN Sarawak is outside and they should know where their guns are pointing. There is an avenue for each action and we have everyright to express our own opinion without fear or favour.

Isn’t this a democratic country..??

It is so according to my journalist guru  a former group editor he said just posts the following sites for them to make up their minds.