PBB “Musuh di luar….”

audie61 on a quiet  saturday afternoon received a number of smses. We are anticipating the much talked football game the Quarter finals of the FA Cup tonight at Old Trafford between Manchester United and Arsenal.

Surprisingly we received this sms about a “Majlis kesyukuran and  Perjumpaan Pemuda PBB” from a blog www.sebanaku2u blogspot.com. We also received a tweet on the “air asia crash” which turned out to be “false news” The news spread very rapidly..

So who do we believe now..? 

Not to be hoodwinked into believing we decided to check with some PBB members close to the Youth Chief Fadillah Yusof. One youth member who goes by the nickname”semalam” said it’s good and according to the blog he said the blog did mention,”PEMUDA PBB, MUSUH KITA DI LUAR SANA. MASA UNTUK KITA MENGHANCURKAN PIHAK PEMBANGKANG!!!

‘semalam’ even went on to say its time to ‘Bantir PKR kuat kuat. He heard also that the PKR one day convention in Batu kawah area is also drumming up support to defeat BN. Its now time and we must be united to fight a cause. No time to pick fights. We also checked with the Setiausaha Kerja  who said,”let me check and if there is its very good. This will dispel all doubts that PBB youth not united”

Even PBB Youth Chief N7 agreed and he said its time to fight the enemy outside. A few PBB YBs when contacted for comments said it seems that this blog is very much pro-BN and he does go an attack the PKR boys which is very good for us as we are defending our turf. Of course mosts of them had kind words for the blogsite but they too know that the blog will turn anytime if its they do not perform. We have to be careful with the blogs and they are highly sensitive.

Our earlier posting did create some small waves and it was misunderstood by some. They have since seen clearer skies and are not so touchy.

Oooops.. did we just say that..!!!