Bloggers”Mari Berjumpa, Mari Berhubung”

PM Najib have been meeting up with his friends who have followed him on facebook,twitter and also on his website As the leader of the BN coalition he has shown the way to his fellow legislators that as the “peoples representatives” engaging with the grassroot is of utmost importance if they want to continue to remain in office.

The day they stop listening to the people they might just as well pack their bags and ready to leave the world of politics. As the Sarawak elections looms and as the estimated of 300,000 young voters the BN government are not taking anything forgranted.

The Pakatan opposition parties have hogged the cyberspace churning out millions of information in winning over the young voters and also spinning articles in their favour to win the elections. At a meeting this afternoon a strategists reminded bloggers that the cyberspace would be fought bitterly and whoever is focussed and win over the ‘minds” of the voters will sail through.

BN was battered heavily in Sarawak 2006 and it engulfed in a disastrous outing in the GE12 in 2008. Eversince then BN has set up cyberunits and independant blogs to overcome their weaknesses in the blogsphere. The strategists said,”If there is a pot of flower for decoration,it will look beautiful alone but trying putting 10 or more together it will be stunning.”

Beautiful it may seem but if a blog is alone the readership is just that much and if no one cares the blog will only “syok sendiri” There are exceptional blogs who can stand alone but many are barely surviving with hardly anyone noticing they exist. Promoting themselves is a ‘herculean” tasks and they musts carry the right message to captivate a return of followers.

UMNO UMB has gone through a tough time with many discrediting their existance and many are even accusing certain individuals of protecting their own. Some even project themselves to carry a cause but in fact they are more like  ‘mercenaries”. In the real world a good example would be a football team. The Real Madrid player ‘Ronaldo” would just be a another ordinary player if his teammates colloborate to sideline him and make a fool of his abundance talent by not passing the ball to him.

UMB BN Sarawak made up of the 4 component parties in Sarawak in PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP have come together and put a structure together and organised itself to be ready for the impending elections and beyond. They have sought the help of their counterparts in UMNO UMB and in a short space of time got their act together to do battle in the blogsphere.

PM has readied the troops and his recent rallying call at the SUPP rally was,”we will not lose the cyberwar again as we have done in 2008″ The UMB units in each respective state needs to learn from each other to counter the accusations or allegations put up in the blogshere by their opposition parties.

Sarawak UMB has stepped up their to the call of both PM Najib and CM Taib. The strategists who forsees an all out cyberwar to gain votes knows that the right information and the right brand will mean a win on the ballot paper.

PM will say to you fill it up……,”Mari berjumpa,Mari Berhubung” but BN/UMB Sarawak are all out to “Berjuang untuk Sarawak”