DAP Endorsing BN Project in Sarawak..??”

We received a call from our man on the ground in N10 and he said that please see what has been written. audie61 thought that this is just impossible. However looking at the photograph attached it will say more than a thousand words. 

Are you losts for words…???


This is a photograph of a Barisan National initiated project in the Kenyalang Park area. DAP has fully endorsed this project by incorporating their Rocket logo below the 1 Malaysia and Barisan National logo on the sign board.

Where DAP norm is to protest against BN, regardless of it’s merits, for the sake of publicity, this time round, they have come out strongly and supported this Government project at Lorong Dato Bandar 2, Kenyalang Park.

A number of residents came out to meet us when we were in the area and informed us that they see a change in the political climate, where DAP is starting to support the BN government in  local developmental projects. The residents view that this maybe due to the new and strongly supported BN candidate for the area, Prof  Dr Sim Kui Hian. The residents also stated that an amicable understanding and acceptance of Dr Sim by the opposition will be very beneficial to the residents of Kenyalang. “ How often do you see a BN Dacing and DAP Rocket side by side endorsing a BN Government project. Only In Sarawak.” This is the general feedback from the residents in the area.

Some of the residents did voice a bit of dissapointment, in that,  they had to wait for 5 years before the project was initiated, but never the less, very happy that the construction works have begun. Many residents view that this project might have been initiated by the new BN candidate in the area.