Taibs..”Watching and Assessing….!!”

Taib Mahmud who has had been through so many State and Federal elections including a number of by elections in his thirty years as CM is keeping everyone in anticipation of the dissolution date. There are not many windows left for him to playaround with but he knows that it will be a matter of time and the elections must be held.

At the moment from the coffeshops in the urban and towns to the longhouses and villages in the rural areas everyone will be focussed on tomorrow. What is he going to say? Could he just say that this will be his last elections leading the state..?? That will be BIG NEWS right and everyone will be thinking who will be his successor.

What if he says It’s a matter of time……and mosts poltical analysts/observers/strategists including the opposition members will say CheeeH Another false alarm. But if tomorrow he does announce the dissolution date everyone will be ready for the elections and party machineries will be activated.

We have covered a number of articles and some of them are listed below:-