“Show me the Money..?”

Many are wondering just when is the inspiration date the CM has in mind to call for the State elections.? Reading this you are asking yourself that too. I caught you biting your lips. 

The Home Minister Hishamuddin Tun Hussein paid a courtesy visit to the CM Taib yesterday and they discussed amongst others the political culture of the opposition parties. Why should we be too bothered about the opposition parties movement and propaganda. BN should be attacking instead of defending all the time. The Special advisor to CM Adenan Satem has already led the rallying cry for the troops”Bantir sidak-nya.Bantir terus lalu.Macam tilam bantir bah..” at the BN convention last weekend.” 

Are you saying it out aloud? You are good…

So the next question remains which the Deputy Director of MKN Sarawak said at the meeting with the bloggers in his opening remark,”that one of the things which the CM and the Home Minister has discussed was about the cyberspace and blogs and the role of UMB BN Sarawak. The political culture includes how the opposition has used the alternative media to benefit them and push their message across. The Minister did ask on the progress of the UMB BN Sarawak?

He also said its up to the BN political parties concerned to boost up their bloggers to win the cyberspace war. Fair game, but didn’t our PM did say in the SUPP rally which someone has clearly forgotten? Was it done on purpose? We have been hearing so many different versions of excuses. Sarawak localised issues are bests left to local bloggers to handle while the firewall will be provided by the specialists.”UMNO/UMB..and others” on national issues. 

 Did not the PM say this,”I support any move by SUPP to form cyber units to win the support of the people,especially the more sophisticated urban community.”

The PM also said  that Yes,we lost the cyber space war in the last election(in 2008),but we cant lose it again.” The SUPP President George Chan had earlier in his speeech said,”I hope all the component parites will enter the fray together. It used to be a gimmick.Now,it is the ‘in”thing.

I am sure the Home Minister would be carrying out the tasks which has been handed down by the PM. “Not to lose another cyberwar” The bloggers will go on the offensive and defend if necessary but not at the expense of a “hungry stomach” Many are trying to make ends meet and some are justs “too shy” to open their mouths.

Maybe our friend JERRY MAGUIRE (Tom Cruise) in this clip to the Home Minister would be good enough to send the message across. Surely our CM Taib is now smiling.Did you see that..?? Im sure its loud and clear now…