Dissolution Of Sarawak State Assembly….

Phew….Finally thats it…

Battle stations ahoy…

The Chief Minister of Sarawak has decided that on Monday 21st March he will call for the dissolution of the State assembly and go back to the people for a fresh mandate. The speaker of the house Asfia will inform the election commission accordingly.

The Elelction Commission has fixed next wednesday 23rd March  for a special meeting in Kuching to discuss the Sarawak election. A press conference will be held after the meeting.

All the waiting and speculations of the dissolution has been put to rests and the next excitement will be the polling dates and also the candidates picked by all the political parties involved. 

A BN YB when asked for comment said,” We are ready as we have never stop working since the last elections in 2006 and the people of my kawasan(constituency) knows what has been done and they will know who to vote for when they affix their mark on the ballot paper.”

PKR spokesman and information chief See Chee How said,”The waiting process is over and we will go into battle with BN.”

According to an emeritus professor Taib is making use of the uncertainties and squabblings in the Sarawak opposition front to quicken up the polls and they will not have the time to put their house in order.

 The signals are good and the time is perfect for the State BN to get a fresh mandate from the people. It will be an uphill battle for the opposition front as they cannot agree on their seat allocations.

Lets just wait for the EC dates for the Sarawak State elections. Waiting is over…Phew…