Taibs New “Enemy”..!!!

Since 1984 when I first step back into the shores of Sarawak I have only known one CM. At that time nearly 27years ago he was moving with a no-nonsence approach and pushing Sarawak without fear or favour towards  A new Frontier which he called,”politics of development” Many of us at that time as young graduates were all captivated with promises of new challenges,opportunities and a world of new technologies.

The whole scenario after his uncle Tun Rahman who many associated with more personal touch was missing from Taib. Taib was slowly coming into his own until the infamous 1987 Ming Court which many assemblyman backed out from Taib and wanted to return back to the more approachable Tuns ways. Taib had no choice but to fight back and he won breaking the hearts of many who went against him.

The revolution of 1987 was enough to give Taib that leverage in looking at his enemies closely while keeping his friends at arms length. We have even seen a number of State Secretaries walking through his doors and changed as they hold the key to his grip on the assemblyman. Taib has moved till today and his zest for propaganda has put him in the forefront of most battles. He has made the media his mosts powerful tool  and mosts executive editors knows that to have a piece of him in the media circulating pages is and will sel lpublications and newspapers.

Time however has changed and Taib is now facing a new enemy as he looks for inspiration to call for a new mandate for the ruling government at a ripe age of 74 where many would have love to enjoy the fruits of labour.

What is the new enemy….?

Many opposition members feels that this is the bests time to detrone Taib and his regime. There is no better time than this as mosts of his generals by his side are getting on a bit which we are being kind. There might be new candidate faces put up but hold on most of the voters are the younger ones and will be eligible to vote and the second and third time voters will know exactly what they need to do or have seen enough to make up their mind to vote. Will they even betray Taib now after making use of him to enrich themselves? Many would as they think he has outlived his usage and looking at the next bests person.

Many observers have said that BN will still retain the 2/3rd majority but the opposition members will beg to differ. They are taking into consideration that the young ones are now better informed with the internet blogs and are very much connected to each other. They will pursue all means to run down the Taib regime and some of the blogs are very hard hitting with the most vocal and significant blog being:- http://www.sarawakreport.org/ We all know who is behind it now and they have even called up yours truly especially with the failed Taibs protests in Kuching.

Taib has learnt and is also cahnging with the times and he knows that he needs a young wife to breathe fresh impetus and light to ensure that she will give him the encouragement and also know youthfulness to engage the younger set of voters. In this Taib has scored a very meaningful victory. In Facebooks,internet portals and blogs he scored big and many were clamouring for a new beauty amongst their midst.

Taibs new enemy knows they have to reengineer fast and even asks for debates which they know will not change much in the final tallying of seats. His party PBB remains solid behind him while the component parties in SUPP,PRS and SPDP are very much united to go all out in his lasts battle. The recent setting up of the Unit Media Baru(New media units) for the BN needs to be charged up or else Taib will feel a leg has been cut off from his body.

The Pakatan machinery helped itself in the Peninsular to substancial victories when they made used fully of this mode of election campaigning. Sarawak will be going for a new mandate and internet blogs will play a very significant part in this elections. Don’t for once tell me no way. We shall see as the print media will be very much slower and mosts information will have filtered down by the time you say,”I KNOW,I TOLD YOU SO”

BN and Pakatan will fight a very bitter war in the blogsphere and the information filtering down will be up to each set of mediabloggers to outdo each other.  Taib will need the new media bloggers to assit each other and BN Sarawak bloggers are waiting in the wings for the all out assault. Pakatan blogs are obviously more readable as they are mostly news which has Taib as the main actor,villain and hero.

BN UMB will need to get their angles right and if they continue to shoot in the dark without the proper command  it will be a futile exercise for Taibs regime. Many are thinking facebook will channel their arguments but many YBs who we have crossed paths said that facebookers are justs a social interaction without much usage. Its still the blogs which many feels that the war would be losts and won.

The timing of this 2011 elections will see an emergance of new blogs who will try to get a taste of the action but many will not even get into the firing range. It will be a battle where the BN bloggers will engage the Pakatan seasoned bloggers and try to overpower them. Pakatan has reengineered itself after much fanfare with many issues and it seems now that Taibs new enemy is none other than former BN cyber troopers.

They have infiltrated deeply into the BN strongholds and they are now passing vital information without even Taib realising. Its now up to the BN/UMB bloggers to weed out the few remaining “two timers” which has created havoc in the blogsphere. It will be soon and many PBB UMB needs to look at where the few remaining “untouchables’ are. Taibs new enemy are all bunched up without them knowing.

The rests of the component party bloggers are watching very closely this development and if it continues to create a menace their identities will be revealed. A BN YB said,”We know who they are and if they remain they will be CM’s greatest enemy” The enemy is within and not outside and he could be just proven right and saved the CM and BN from returning a comfotable majority or being thrown out by the information filtering down to the voters.