“Blogs on Warpath…??”

This is getting too much…!! What is really going on? It seems that there is an intense struggle for viewership and readership that these two blogs are on a witchhunt. Both these sites namely :-http://www.sebanaku2u.blogspot.com/ and  http://sebanaku-sarawak.blogspot.com/are under scrutiny and even the government agencies are questioning and sending us emails too just to see whether we know who they are.

Whats so tasty about this sites.? You have to visit the sites to find out more.My emails are enjoying tremendous traffic and many are already asking us where they got their information. Where the hell do I know..??

One today has played up the issue of:- 

1. Penulis Sarawak Report / Radio Free Sarawak Dapat Bayaran 5000 Pounds Sterling Sebulan while the other  one played this issue. 2. Jelilah Baba sabotage SCORE Sarawak??? 

Their tag lines are equally very provocative – “We aim to expose the truth..only the truth while the other is” Your time is over.” They are at each others neck so it seems. Sebanaku2u even has the cheek to posts this at the site:- No need to check my IP address. Just enjoy our article. For Fun or For Pleasure. Now kita nangga bogel or sik bogel reveal or sik reveal.

Even a former journalists said both these sites are the new heavyweights in the cyberworld as they are playing local issues which are very significant. He said the funny thing is why the same name. Are they together or just trying to win more readership ..? That to us at audie61 we wouldn’t know as far as our SB friends are concerned they are different people involved. One from Pakatan and the other from BN.

 Can you verify that..??

The BN part it seems is from Sebanaku2u says the SB personnel and he says his officers are working to get the identities of both these blogs. Shouldn’t be too difficult we must assume. However ,even the mosts advanced sophisticated country in the world ie.USA can’t even hunt down Osama bin Laden. Do you honestly think they will get them..??

As far as our friend an emeritus professor  who we called he said,”It’s healthy and competition is good as long as they do not touch on religious extremism,race and colour of the skin.Local Politics really connects with the people of Sarawak and if they keep to that they will have their own followers.”

Who stays ahead in this cyberworld depends on how the halftruths become reality and they must know how to spin the stories to captivate their readers.

We all are in for a good few months with blogs getting on at issues of relevance and also to get votes for their respective parties in BN and Pakatan. Sarawak elections will be anytime soon and the appearance of certain blogs does remind me of politicians who appear only during elections. Hope these two blogs would prove me wrong.

Good for them to be different and very soon they will both be household names if they not already are.They will see a sudden drop in their visitor columns if they let the other surge ahead. In this war one has to suffer the consequences.