“Blogs on Warpath…??”

This is getting too much…!! What is really going on? It seems that there is an intense struggle for viewership and readership that these two blogs are on a witchhunt. Both these sites namely :-http://www.sebanaku2u.blogspot.com/ and  http://sebanaku-sarawak.blogspot.com/are under scrutiny and even the government agencies are questioning and sending us emails too just to see whether we know who they are.

Whats so tasty about this sites.? You have to visit the sites to find out more.My emails are enjoying tremendous traffic and many are already asking us where they got their information. Where the hell do I know..??

One today has played up the issue of:- 

1. Penulis Sarawak Report / Radio Free Sarawak Dapat Bayaran 5000 Pounds Sterling Sebulan while the other  one played this issue. 2. Jelilah Baba sabotage SCORE Sarawak??? 

Their tag lines are equally very provocative – “We aim to expose the truth..only the truth while the other is” Your time is over.” They are at each others neck so it seems. Sebanaku2u even has the cheek to posts this at the site:- No need to check my IP address. Just enjoy our article. For Fun or For Pleasure. Now kita nangga bogel or sik bogel reveal or sik reveal.

Even a former journalists said both these sites are the new heavyweights in the cyberworld as they are playing local issues which are very significant. He said the funny thing is why the same name. Are they together or just trying to win more readership ..? That to us at audie61 we wouldn’t know as far as our SB friends are concerned they are different people involved. One from Pakatan and the other from BN.

 Can you verify that..??

The BN part it seems is from Sebanaku2u says the SB personnel and he says his officers are working to get the identities of both these blogs. Shouldn’t be too difficult we must assume. However ,even the mosts advanced sophisticated country in the world ie.USA can’t even hunt down Osama bin Laden. Do you honestly think they will get them..??

As far as our friend an emeritus professor  who we called he said,”It’s healthy and competition is good as long as they do not touch on religious extremism,race and colour of the skin.Local Politics really connects with the people of Sarawak and if they keep to that they will have their own followers.”

Who stays ahead in this cyberworld depends on how the halftruths become reality and they must know how to spin the stories to captivate their readers.

We all are in for a good few months with blogs getting on at issues of relevance and also to get votes for their respective parties in BN and Pakatan. Sarawak elections will be anytime soon and the appearance of certain blogs does remind me of politicians who appear only during elections. Hope these two blogs would prove me wrong.

Good for them to be different and very soon they will both be household names if they not already are.They will see a sudden drop in their visitor columns if they let the other surge ahead. In this war one has to suffer the consequences.


9 thoughts on ““Blogs on Warpath…??”

  1. Sebanaku2u says:

    Firstly Sebanaku2u would like to say Sorry to our brother Audie 61. Never thought write a comment in ur blog can make so many rumours and bad impression to you. Even though im a SENIOR divorcee doesnt mean i can be mingle minge around. Audie is a very NICE Young Man. Are you marry actually? Coz as far as i remember with my 68 years old brain female, never meet a guy with a name Audie. Drive Audi adalah.

    But from your writing seems like you have a tough day today young man. Well to Audie and his FANS, I AM NOT AUDIE s GIRL or SEBANAKU SARAWAK. Sebanaku2u is Sebanaku2u. And im proud to say im PRO BN and im not other YB s sissy also. Im not also a heavyweight boxer coz no boxing gloves or short pant suit with me anymore even swimming suit. So dun try to have WILD imagination

    I m just an old divorcee granny who not satisfied with few matters and who come across to know a lot of thing. Ya i know color of your underwear, what size and what type.

    by the way check out my new article which is not in market yet (not yet in other blog maaaaaa)

    • beritamu says:

      Sebanaku,each and every individual has his or her own ways to find a living.There should not any feeling of jealousy.Exercise your integrity and professional capability,you too can be successful one day.

  2. nostradamus says:

    Bogs should know how to look after their own interests. Both the blogs mentioned have their good and bad parts. Some postings good whileothers bit mediocre. see who has staying power…

  3. beritamu says:

    Berdasarkan sumber yang boleh dipercayai,Taib sedang menawarkan ” Kontrak Lumayan” kepada bloggers untuk mempertahankan imej and populariti yang kini semakin buruk .Dengan wujudnya RFS bau-baru ini,Taib seakan akannya sudah berada dalam keadaan delima walaupun sebahagian besar laopran dalam salam RFS adalah tidak benar, merukan fitnah dan pembohongan besar.Kepada blogger yang mempunyai kredibliti and kewibawaan yang tinggi,Jangan lepaskan peluang ini untuk mendapat sedikit rezeki seperti Papa Orang Utan yang ditawarkan oleh pihak yang tertentu.Tahniah kepada yang berjaya.

  4. Sebanaku2u says:

    Cucu cakap apa nie? Tok Teh tak paham. Why must CM look for other bloggers to defend him? Why want to waste moneyyyy Cu. Nanti pembangkang cakap CM bazir DUIT RAKYAT SARAWAK cu. Thought CM already have UMB PBB to support him already? By the way where are they hah? Macam kawan Tok Teh selalu cakap. Which Cemetery hah? R.I.P ? REST IN PROGRESS

  5. Sebanaku2u says:

    now a lot of blogger blogging just for the sake of allowance. Everyone can blogging but at least blog with fact.PBB, SUPP,PRS,SPDP even PR all have prob now. Cannot hide anymore but use the blog for a good reason. Now a days RAKYAT can surf and look for facts. Do not provide them with bullshit evidence. Do not blogging just to show people you are doing your job or to impress people. Do not just copy and paste. Out there there is a lot of people know the facts or blogging. For Sebanaku2u , Tok Teh have both. So watch out
    Granny are watching you.


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