Religious Freedom-“Terima Kasih Tuhan”

The banner explains it all. There were thousands of Christians who were present at the rally and both sides of the political divide were very well represented. Even one of the ministers said,”no matter where we are from and who we are,lets all pray for religious freedom.”

There was also prayers for a peaceful and trouble free elections and for those first timers it does bring out the ‘person in you” as the spirit of the occasion is overwhelming. 

Literally you could even hear the crowd calling upon the Creator to ensure that the Sarawak State elections be conducted fairly and  also that bigots,religious extremists and haters do not use faith against each other.

The bible issue was brought up but it was under control eventhough there were signs of dissatisfaction and uneasiness amongst the people present here tonight. One religious minister said,” They are good people in the government but once they become too difficult they are devils in disguise and they need to be removed.”The crowd cheered and roared in approval.

The night pasts with whispers in the corridor telling us that “We Malaysians and especially Sarawakians are peaceful people and we must not compromise with those who disrespect ‘the bible”

On stage tonight one of the Iban pastor captivated many when he led the crowd in saying,”Alleluia,Terima Kasih Tuhan not once but a number of times and tears literally flowed from many of those present”

It was a night shared by many as very moving and an occasion where everyone prayed for religious freedom.

Sarawak Polls 16th April

The EC Chairman today announced that the Polling day for Sarawak 10th Election would be on the April 16th.

Nomination is fixed for the 6th of April.  This means that there will be a 11-day campaigning period up to midnight on April 15.

All parties involved from both sides of the political divide are all ready and will be making known their candidates in due course.

With the electoral rolls updated up to Dec 31 last year, there are 979,796 eligible voters.

The last state election was held on May 20, 2006.