Sarawak N30 “Dr.Wahbi Dreams”

Dr.Wahbi Junaidi knows he is really under attack. In the last state elections 2006 he barely scrapped through by winning a razor thin majority by 94 votes over the Keadilan candidate.”Is it Dr.Wahbi’s Way of telling his BN counterparts in so many words a “Wake up call or extraordinary just like what Susan Boyle did in the UK “Youve Got Talent Show”

Is he getting all cooked up and blaming it on DCM Jabu..?His emotions reflects that he is afterall human and he needs his dosage of development funds too or else he too will be wiped out. A political analyst says that there seems to be like a mini revolt against the top leaders who have overstayed in their capacity not only in SUPP but also PBB.

Dr.Wahbi doesn’t minced his words and he is really fighting for his dear life as an Assemblyman and if he is still picked to be a candidate in the coming state elections. Dr Wahbi is trying to tell the top leaders that,”If they are sent to war based on irritation or ego instead of solid strategy(Sun Tsu) the whole BN machinery in Saribas will pay the price.” He knows that there is a fine line in how much he can take and also seeing that his position is absolutedly precarious and he too will be wiped up.

The PAS machinery has made inroads in the malay kampong areas and with the PR4 (PAS,DAP,PKR and SNAP)in action anything will happen and Saribas will no longer be a safe seat for the BN. Its not about looks like what Susan Boyle has proven to all of us but the mystery behind the voice.

A PBB supporter says PR4 has managed in some way being able to unlock the mindset of the rural folks and their inroads needs to be curbed or slowly,piece by piece they will tear down the framework which BN has solidly built for 50 years. Wake up call..Yes..

What has Dr.Wahbi said which has the DUN Members felt that their hair suddenly stood on ends. This statement” He said people had asked him how it was possible that the government spent RM300mil building a complex “like a mini-Putrajaya” in Betong .  In addition, he said the people were also puzzled as to why a 4km road connecting Kampung Mangut and Tuie was still not built despite a request made 10 years ago

Has Dr.Wahbi suddenly woken up especially after BN was beaten in P212 Sibu by DAP/PR. He has taken the initiative and become bold and mosts of all creative again after being suppressed from sharing the development funds. DCM Jabu must be irked that a member/colleague from his party is making noise and not informing him directly.

But Wahbi is so afraid and he has made the right call and at the mosts appropriate time when Jabu was even touted to be a candidate to take over the helm and the CMs chair. BN is now opening up to see where are the areas to be addressed before the CM calls for the State elections.

Goodies given during election time will not sway the voters minds and BN assemblyman are now ensuring their promises are kept and carried out or else they will be shipped up by the flood of People Power.  P212 has really given the BN a scarred back and a deflated ego and Dr Wahbi’s outburst of the truth is very timely.

BN4 and PR4 will be at odds soon and its the coalitions policies and the calibre candidates which will win over the trusts of the constituents in Sarawak. Are you ready to join in the fray…??

15 thoughts on “Sarawak N30 “Dr.Wahbi Dreams”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Very soon it will not be a mini revolt. it will be a new government in place and we wonder how many BN incumbents will still be there?

  2. zainuddin says:

    20 years too long and only now want to make noise. Why not earlier? Times up lah Doctor Whabi. Better go back and serve the people in a different way .Curing thier sickness…

  3. phyllis says:

    Seems Bn is indeed not creative and PM must know better. He should be worried and not this YB who has served 20 years too long.Not a day more for him i should say and its about time a New Face is put in this place Saribas.

  4. Ending says:

    Seems Taibs reign is drawing to a close and every YB is coming up and making noises especially the Malay YBs. They feel there is a change coming and malay/melanau reign under threat from the Iban Jabu.Good for Pakatan though and this is the signal for a tsunami or divine help.

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    Taib Mahmud special Gawai message to all rural voters :

    The UMNO controlled BN government did not issue land titles to the rural poor was for their own good to protect the rural poor and prevent them from selling their land.

    The UMNO controlled BN government did not connect electricity and water to the rural poor was to protect the environment and save them from having to pay for utilities.

    The UMNO controlled BN government did not build roads and bridges to the rural poor was to prevent the Opposition from reaching to them and poisoning their minds.

    The UMNO controlled BN government did not want the rural poor to be educated and prosperous for their own good so that they would not be influenced by Opposition to cause trouble.

    Lastly Happy Gawai and spend your grant wisely because I am not inspired to give out another grant yet. Be happy and drink as much as possible to drown your sorrows.

    • Watcha says:

      You got good vibes there, Mata! ;)

      I think they just want the Dayak as museum pieces! Didn’t Taib say that? Sorry, I heard wrong! :)

      Oops! Jangan marah! Happy Yamseng! Gik idup gik ngirup!Gik ngelaban!

  6. Debak Saribas says:

    he already there for too long.. even his own village is undeveloped..

    Debak for example is not his bank anymore.. people hate this YB coz he like to attack personal..

    cukuplah Wahbi, tamatkanlah karier politikmu…. Kawasanmu di Saribas, tapi dirimu di Sri Aman…

  7. agen308sarawak says:

    Typical 0f BN YBs’ . Already 4,5 and even 6 terms suddenly realise that some areas in their kawasan lack in macam-macam basic needs of the rakyat !! Worst when elections is around the corner ! Shame to these YBs’ . Vote them out and let us together be agent of change .

  8. Frankie says:

    Taib Mahmud also said he was so embarrassed that in the last 29 years there was not a single development proposals from Bumiputras in Sarawak and each and every time he received any proposal they were either from his sons or his brothers or sisters. Why ? Why? Why? “Why are the Bumiputras in Sarawak so lacking in confidence?”, Taib Mahmud said.

    “Look at me: I was born to a poor fisherman and now I am one of the richest man in the world!You must be greedy and hungry for power and money. And get rid of anyone and whoever gets in your way. Don’t be corrupted for few hundred ringgit like traffic police. Be ambitious and be damn corrupted and go for billion and billion of ringgit. Go after the timber resources, NCR land and plantations, hydro and coal power, strategic ports, world class stadiums, world class DUN, world class convention center, Dubai like resorts and never stop stealing from the stupid rakyat even when you are 74 years old or even 80 years old like my uncle Tun Rahman who taught me how to steal and rob the rakyat in Sarawak. That is why I give all my children, brothers and sisters titles such as Datuk Seri, Datuk for being great entrepreneurs. As for myself my title must be very unique and one of its kind in the world, Pehin Seri..hehehehe. Who is Mahathir and Najib compared to me… I always gave them what they want, afterall what they wanted are just parliamentary seats..hahahaha.. and they let me rob Sarawak and own Sarawak…excuse me stupid is my 74 birthday and I have a date with P. Ramlee daughter…hehehe

  9. Minda Mandol says:

    Dr. Wahbi is just one of its kind (Yang Bacul). Why? Yes tuan saya yang bodoh. They’re all yesman to Taib the taie. Most of pbb yang baculs are 20-25yrs becoming baculs. What do u think? ur a matured baculs. What do they need? another 15-20yrs if they do wanted 2 change. But God Allah SWT is always n be always fair let them destroy themselves, get themselves rotten n decayed, what a miserable lives u guys are. May God Allah pardon u all 4 what all evils u all have done to urself n the rakyat. Dr. Wahbi, I salute u 4 still having a ball or 2 balls to tell the DUN that times is not only out 4 u but 4 the the rest of yang baculs-baculs. Allah telah mula melaknat yang baculs krn tidak melaksana amanah selama menjadi yang baculs. U better be prepared 2 terima laknatullah ini n part of that laknat is non other than that the rakyat already realized that they have been all this 28yrs being mistreated n cheated. Who else know these, other than u all the yang baculs (YB). Manusia yang paling hina di sisi Allah SWT tidak lain ialah mereka yg berbohong kpd diri mereka sendiri dn juga menipu dirinya. So muhasabahlah, bertobatlah sebelum terlambat. Yg paling baik sekali jadilah Yang Berundur (YB) sebelum anda diundurkan oleh suara dan kuasa keramat rakyat yg telah lama dizalimi dan dikhianati. Takbir.

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