Malaysia B.S.”Reality Sucks..!!”

Many would take the acronym of B.S.literally.However in this context we take it as Malaysia-Betting and Subsidies. There has been so much protests and anger from all walks of life  pertaining to these two” BIG ONES

 Either one could see the beginning of an end to the ruling government in any other country except in Malaysia.

The prophesy of R.A.H.M.A.N. was also received through an email to audie61 plus a hosts of other emails and smses. One of them included that Idris Jala should go back to his corporate life instead of mixing politics and economics just to blind the people.

How can Malaysia be a developed nation by 2020 when our Minister In PM’s department says,”WE will be BANKRUPT by 2019..??”This shocking declaration goes against the grain of past announcements of economic health and growth.

Does this make sense..?? Has he given the death kneel to the BN government and read the last rites..?? He is obviously not a politician and he should not be in the PMs department as he has drove FEAR INTO EVERY WALKING AND LIVING MALAYSIANS.” Of course we know very well that the TRUTH HURTS and REALITY SUCKS.

Even a staunch BN supporter was feeling aggrieved not only with the subsidies but also the betting issue. This is truly giving the Opposition an extra card and a GOLDEN JOKER to push the BN to the brink of surrendering.

We have to contain with the Betting issue and the Football licensing given to the Berjaya Group. The truth of the matter is that Islam together with other religions forbids gambling and here we are Malaysia an Islamic country giving away a football betting license where even China,Thailand and Vietnam doesnt issue such licenses. Where is the logic..?? Please for goodness sake, do not compare with Singapore as it is an Advanced nation already.

Do they care about the Barisan National Government?

 They only care for the short term profits and if BN falls they will already make their billions and even moved on to another country. Is it fair for the rests of the country?

Your God Given Conscience will even make you come out to protests on the street if the law allows you to do conduct a PEACEFUL PROTESTS.

These companies only care for their own BARISAN POCKETS and not Barisan National as a whole.

The cut in subsidies to save RM103 billiuon in 5 years is a noble idea but surely it is in the ruling Governments Hands to deliberate such measures before making it public. Would Foreign Investments jump the queue to Malaysia when there is a Statement of Malaysia going to be Bankrupt by 2019. REALITY SUCKS but it is absolutely bad economic publicity for the country.This could also go down as one of the worst calls the ruling BN government has ever made.

Now it so much easier for the Opposition to engage and get to the people and voters. Just an example would be,”TIME TO CHANGE THIS GOVERNMENT BEFORE YOU AND ME AND THE COUNTRY GOES BANKRUPT” and also “GAMBLING IS FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM

These captions posted and distributed everyway will be so much a problem for the BN grassroots/echelon leaders to address. Its a good 50%/50% left or right swing depending on the mindset of the people. The People Power will be too strong for even the BN machinery to overcome and it will play right into the arms of the Pakatan.

Reality Sucks and the present BN Government must be able to look at ways to overcome these hurdles. There are so many ways to put the country back to its glory days when everyone was going about doing their own business and minding politics. BN must get the FEEL GOOD FACTOR back before they look at short term gains to bail the country out the DOLDRUMS.

The people will surely have their final say in the ballot boxes come GE13. Honestly,it will take a herculean tasks for the present BN government to be still in power if the issues at hand are not strategically dealt with.

The signs are already bad as it is and the RURAL folks are the first to suffer if the oil prices continue to rise. Food and commodities prices hardly comes down when it goes up and the ordinary middle class citizens will have to bear the consequences. Football betting will hit hard on many families as compulsive gambling and losses will surely give rise to more unwanted and unnecessary crimes.

Pakatan will exploit it to the fullest on these two BIG ISSUES and its already up to the BN Government to stamp it out or COOL MATTERS DOWN by informing the MALAYSIAN PUBLIC that the country will not go BANKRUPT by 2019 and also that the Football betting license has been revoked. The BN Government will be rests assured that it will not face a greater tsunami than 308 if all other pressing issues besides these two BIG ONES are carefully and meticulously looked into.

If not the whole country will say back to BN..REALITY SUCKS……………