P212″ Forget SNAP,PRS Where is PCM..??”

A political watcher emailed audie61,” Seems the headlines in todays newspapers are “SNAP in Marudi,PRS in Bintulu.” But amazingly the question on everyones lips are ,”Where is the much hyped Parti Cinta Malaysia(PCM)?? Didn’t they say they will stand in 40 seats in the next Sarawak State elections.? Incidently as per an internet portal this was mentioned,” When the prime minister visited Sarawak, PCM leaders were at the Kuching Airport to greet him. Are the PCM leaders going all out to secure the Dayak votes for  the BN..?

It seems that SNAP are now having second thoughts or they could have been harassed to submission and its wiser to stay away from the HOTLY CONTESTED P212 By election?

PRS is also not spared  and eventhough the leaders have been seen campaigning the TDC in Bintulu should have been postponed to a later date (1 week or 2 weeks later). Maybe James unknowingly uttered the wrong words especially on SUPP overlooking the Bumiputeras. 

However the agenda could be BN wants its component party PRS  to hold its TDC at this moment in time with the DUN Meeting starting on 17th of May it could signal the last DUN before the impending Sarawak State elections. 

CM looks all ready to call for a SNAP ELECTIONS and if the SUPP/BN P212 is an overwhelming victory and a clear majority/mandate he will just have the INSPIRATION.  Afterall he is the guests of honour and he will officiate the TDC in Bintulu on May15th 2010.

PCM might just be following the by elections on the sidelines and trying to pick up what issues are relevant to be used for the State elections. Or have they been asked and instructed to keep a low profile..?

PRS has the agenda , SNAP according to the headline”desert” but PCM remains anonymous. Could we see them in the next State elections…???