P212 “Opposition Closing In..??”

The ground zero effect unlike Hulu Selangor P94  where the swing for BN is imminent is not being felt in Sibu. There are a number of factors which if not addressed will see a drop of votes for the BN. DAP with Lim Kit Siang at the helm playing psychological warfare/propaganda has managed  to overturn an overwhelming BN unassailable lead to a close 51/49 and there are still two days left.

The SYNDICATED BOOKIES has suddenly saw an upswing of punters who had earlier placed their bets on BN winning over 2000 votes retracting and replacing it with bets for DAP Wong Ho Leng. Are there reasons for this..? One would have thought that the Chinese voters must be enticed by the development funds/projects being “Bombarded left right and centre” 

The main factors remains the Lau and Tiong rivalry,the Teng/Soon non-appearance,the 120 dayak longhouses votes,unavailablity of job opprtunities in Sibu,the Bible and “Allah”issue { the 50% Christian voters have not forgotten especially the confiscation of some 15,000 Kitab Injib, the Malay translation of the Bible,}

Point 1:- Lau and  Tiong rivalry has been going on for ages. One aide close to Tiongs camp said that when the Lau Juniors name was mentioned there was not even a consideration for the other name submitted by Tiong. It is speculated now that Tiongs camp will not push/force his workers to vote. A swing for DAP..?

Point 2:– The non appearance of Dr.Soon and David Teng and his group will see some of his followers protesting in the balloting trend. There might be an upsurge of spoilt votes/not bothering to turn up and this might somewhat reduce the majority of votes for the BN camp.

Point 3:- The NCR land issue remains a very sensitive and sore point for the ruling Sarawak BN. According to a source the CM Sarawak visited a longhouse where there was supposed to be a large crowd but it was disappointing. Is there a swing for the dayaks and are the opposition making gains in the dayak areas..??

Point 4:- The movement and brain drain and the job oppotunities available in Sibu has somewhat turned the seemingly satisfied Chinese voters to look more at their own backyard. Could a vote for the Opposition be justifiable and push the message through to the leaders in Sarawak BN for more economic activites to Sibu.??

Point 5:- Religious freedom and tolerance is and will be a main capture for votes from all the constituents in Sarawak and for that matter in Sibu. Christians make up 50% of the 54695 eligible voters in Sibu and a slight shift will be enough to pull ahead for the candidate in question. BN/Pakatan have made their intentions known by meeting up with christian religious groups and laypersons to explain their stand.

Did the PM’s “three -minute lightning visit” to the Tua Pek Kong procession muster any votes for the BN candidate a political watcher asked..?? This is but a small factor to consider with the reversal of punters hurrying to throw their weight behind the DAP Wong Ho Leng. BN needs to reassess their political strategies as the Pakatan group is slowly and surely closing in.  

Of course all the political parties will have their own assessment of their ground work/campaigning and an overzealous Minister even predicted  a 70% BN win over DAP. Of course with all the development funds being bombarded one would give him/her the benefit of doubt but GROUND ZERO is what matters.

The bookies can’t go too far wrong and their livelihood hangs on making a huge winning to boost their accounts  just in time for the Gawai Dayak Holidays. 48 hours closing and pushing it close to the edge and the Chinese will know what benefits them now rather than later……….