P212″PRS Friendly Fire at SUPP..??”

An sms from a SUPP member who requests anonimity said,”Why James has to Blah!Blah! Blah! on how SUPP has neglected the Bumiputera constituents.?? Isn’t he part of the BN coalition? Is he trying to tell SUPP something especially this,”many development requests were put forward to their representatives but they were not being entertained.”

This is giving the DAP an avenue to attack SUPP outright especially in this P212 byelection when even one of your coalition partners in BN is saying that your people dont care about the Bumiputera and has somewhat left them behind to fend for themselves.

It’s already out in the open and the internet portal Sarawak Update .com has the full version of the article. It’s  no use to say that ,”the matter would be addressed accordingly by SUPP and the respective BN representatives.” when the whole opposition machinery can capitalise on the subject and this spells trouble especially so when Lim Kit Siang is singing a new tune 44% now. 

SUPP and other BN component parties will need to do damage control and stay focussed. The Friendly-Fire should not have happened in the first place is the final message from another sms received …..