P212″What issues..??

A PR member told audie61 that in Hulu Selangor by election the BN knew very well how to attack Zaid Ibrahim. The think tank worked overtime to sell itself to the voters and Hulu Selangor voters responded together with a lot of goodies thrown in.

There was also a voter who asks for a Latest LG Refrigerator as seen in the advertisements and according to his sources “It was delivered within 2 hours” Would similar tactics be used by the campaigners from both political divides? When a by election comes a calling there will be a lot of goodies on offer and its up to the voters/constituents to go for the REALISTIC Bread and Butter Goodies. Who knows many Companies selling Refrigerators will make some $$$$$ instead of the usual suspects?

The usual suspects meaning:- New Road development, Water supply,Longhouse internet connectivity,pontoons for embarkation from the river transportation,solar powered electricity projects,more $$$ for Chinese education etc etc. Not many years ago when we were busy campaigning in the interiors of Mukah we were approached for Pots, Pans and even urinary bowls. Not hampers mind you……

The party members had to oblige as these are the things which the rural folks needs instead of mega and monstrous projects. Who are the first liners to benefit from all these projects? The people and voters..?? I should say instantly no way. FULL STOP!!

The picture above is not meant to belittle or derail DAP or PR but its just to tell the Sarawak P212 DAP members and their partners to expect the unexpected. We manage to outsource the caricature from the Social networking site Facebook.

Dont tell me now that Anwar and Kit Siang will use this and say “Kalau dia BN bagi Peti Sejuk,Barang-barang  ambil saja tapi undi DAP dan PR.” Wouldnt we just know that they might just do it as the local folks knows what is presented rather than promised.

BN will need to just deliver or incur losts votes. Its not so much the developments as 50 years in Malaysia its already expected.PR will have a right go at the legislators and planners who have not carried out the proposals or concepts.

So will we hear the Latest LG Refrigerator issue in Sibu P212? Hmmm it will be just a boost for the local economy wouldn’t it?