Sarawak “New Merger Entity..??”

The sparks flew off the breakfast table this morning when the SNAP Youth Chief said to audie61,”PR 4(DAP,PKR,PAS and SNAP] worked as a Team in the just concluded P212 elections. BN 4( PBB,SUPP,SPDP,PRS) were not oiled together whereby PM Najib even said BN lacked creativity and energy as compared to the Opposition.

This has CM Taib saying that BN Sarawak has to study all factors before they can reinvent itself. Could the New merger be a new platform for change. Instead of having 4 Presidents there might be a cause to celebrate for Taib to ensure he is still in power and the people of Sarawak will see that he means it. {Power they say is the ability to change things.So if he has power and dont use it Taib will be wasting it]

Another powerful message which will do well for Taib to strategise is changing the rules of the game. What merging between SPDP/PRS but to do it well and thinking above it all is the merging of SPDP/SUPP and also to ensure PRS is under control by ensuring the leaders are moved into PBB. There will be two Presidents and this two entities will have a Collective Agreement to be CM for two terms only. Oh Wow! Not a bad idea !!Will it work..??

A PBB Youth exco member said,”It’s not such a bad idea as if we in BN do not think this way we will be irrelavant as Peoples Power will overtake us as a party in BN. Just remember Michael Jordon who was well loved ,liked and a realist. He said,”Some people want it to happen,some wish it to happen and others make it happen.” Taib in his twilight years will be a legend in own right if he makes it happen for the BETTER GOOD OF SARAWAK.

Who says he has already found his successor like the malaysikini internet portal report which suggests that Norah Abdul Rahman is the person shortlisted, When James Masing said his piece in the Star report that has the heading”point of no return” and in it he says he supports the merger plan but with certain conditions. What conditions again says a political analyst..?

If he is playing hardball what if Taib he says decides to see a merger of SUPP/SPDP and ensure that PRS will be taken into PBB. Why not and it fits nicely with Jabu and James in one party in Pesaka while Mawan and George in the new merged entity. Would you dare not to think it will happen. Its far fetched but if BN Sarawak is weakened instead of getting stronger isn’t this an option..? Think and this is an interesting idea which can be worked out with committees formed to look into the details and mechanisms. Its a strategic power move.

Mawan the SPDP supremo when approached on the merger of SPDP/PRS entity decided to keep quiet to the press as he knows that by keeping silent he is actually showing his “ability and strength” and does not want to be sandwiched into making a rather Uncalculated move as what James has let himself into and making a provoking statment in,”except for one or two persons” whom PRS was not comfortable with. So will he be comfortable if CM says to him “its time to step aside and join PBB”

If it happens the Sarawak Peoples Power will see that the political parties have put aside selfishness and being power driven and will put together political parties as more People Orientated and an Administration to spark economic growth.

 This will even spark Malaysia into thinking into the electronic age of polling like Philippines and also set a Fixed Election Date. This will stop all the politiking in the country and it will ensure that Malaysians will start trusting Politics as a Profession as once every five years at a certain date which is fixed will onlysee the country going for a fresh mandate and there will be less of the blame game. 

Perfect! Unless if  the whole system reengineers, reinvents and be be more creative with parties merging and sees that the People Power will eventually be hard to stem out this will not materialise. Najib and Anwar are both visionaries and leaders in their own right. Najib with 1 Malaysia while Anwar with a New Dawn for Malaysia. So Taib must be commended to was he will create a legend of his own in Sarawak.

This might just be his biggest break and above all his 29 years of service as CM.He is at the top of the pyramid and he must thank the SNAP youth Chief for sparking it all of. Taib will not be silent on this entity as he will do well to disclose more than too little to his close inner circles.

 It will all be Taibs story to tell and with that the Machiavelli and Sun Tsu’s strategies will be enhanced further. Taib will not be pushed into submission and he will have the solutions to ensure the Peoples Trusts are won back.

 Didnt we tell you he has been in power for 29 years as CM and has served 5 Prime Ministers..?? You will live to tell your granchildren,”He did it and it happened and Sarawak is blessed…..”Are you still THERE..??


7 thoughts on “Sarawak “New Merger Entity..??”

  1. i salute our CM…. in my opinion no one does it better than him. if its not because of him, sarawak will be like the rest of malaysia.. i’ve been to west and even sabah and i truely feel that he’s someone with vision….nO one can be clean when it comes to power but at least things are delivered… compared to the rest of the states..For all we know he could have been the best candidate for malaysia’s PM.. Imagine.past presidents from US came from minority races. its funny how this country works… even if pakatan were to come into power..civil servants will remain the same..economy will be at a standstill for at least 2-3 years.. Ppl tell me anwar is good.. he has learnt.. but look at sabah..Sabah was the 2nd most develop state in malaysia before umno came in.. thanks to who?? .. I think Sarawak can only be best administered by Sarawakians without interference by the west..

  2. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :lol: Malaysians really need strong OPPOSITION to fight for them and to screw n expose all those law maker who break the law in an arrogant way like a lawless banana law breaker :lol:
    :lol: If this banana can cheat on his wife then for sure he can cheat the RAKYAT more than we can imagine :roll: :oops: He is sick n not fit to be an MP :lol:
    :arrow: And for this Sami thamby he need to go when he hold the mic post tooooo long until his own peoples cannot TAHAN him no more :lol: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH :oops:
    :idea: A good leader will make way for young generation to take over when their times come :idea:
    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :arrow: for mere 2k++ TBH lost his dear life when he is going to married the next day :?:
    :oops: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and that why we need a very strong and fair to all RAKYAT Pakatan Rakyat to expose all B-eNd goons wrong doing and mis-management :lol: :lol: :lol:

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  5. PR=PKR+DAP+PAS+SNAP, but is SNAP really ready to clench both fists for the fight or with one (TLK) still talking nonsense every time there is a by-election. TLK probably consider himself or themselves still BN-Friendly and some day some how minister posts still availabe for him. SNAP has to clarify its final stance, otherwise, there will be time SNAP is seen “retreating” when the other PRs are joining hands to encounter BN bombardment. Be gentlemen or the third kind, only 1 choice. If SNAP hopes to stay on arena, no way playing low profile, slow and impotent will work…you need stand up right and march the field in total bravery and courage. May God Bless You All

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