“Sarawak 2 Gone ,1 Other Going…??”

Joey received an sms from a source who works as an advertising accounts executive,”Very soon Sarawak Opposition Legislators will be on the plane to South Africa for the Football World Cup. YB Dominique has tried going into the DUN by road and river but it seems the DAP YBs would fly to South Africa before the BN YBs. Sarawak DUN finishes on May 26th 2010. You know what the 3 YBs should do…??”

Joey replied “thank you for info..and have you got any message to them .??” The source replied,”Sure,tell them to tell their counterparts in South Africa of their mistreatment and stop the BN Ybs from entering South Africa. That will be FAIR as FIFA practises FAIR PLAY…hehehe

The whole episode can be read here as we have copied from an internet portal for your easy reading. So who else will be joining these 3 on a trip to the World Cup 2010..??

Maradong state assemblyperson from DAP Ting Tze Fui is now a step closer to facing suspension over remarks she made to the House last November.

NONEThe state assembly has passed a motion this morning to refer Ting (right) to the state legislative assembly rights and privileges committee, where she will face possible censure.

In the motion filed by SUPP deputy secretary-general Wong Soon Koh, he recommended for Ting to face the committee, and was passed by the House in a vote of 59 to four.

Pakatan has seven assemblymen in the house, including six from DAP and one from PKR.

Chong Jen Jien (DAP-Kota Sentosa) and Dominique Ng (PKR-Padungan) were both suspended on Tuesday, while Opposition leader Wong Ho Leng (DAP-Bukit Assek) could not vote due to a “technical problem”.

The five-member committee, all of whom are BN representatives, will now haul Ting for a hearing before making recommendations to the Speaker, which almost certainly would result in a suspension.

‘Unfair and undemocratic’

When contacted, Ting described the move as “unfair” and “undemocratic”.

“No matter what we say, BN will still find ways to suspend us,” she said, adding that her fate was almost sealed.

Although close to facing suspension, Ting says that she is not disappointed, instead urged the Sarawak voters to vote in more Pakatan representatives in the state assembly for a stronger “opposition voice”.

Ting had raised the ire of the state government after accusing them of misappropriating public funds during the debate on the state budget last November.

Soon Koh, who is also the Sibu SUPP chief, had threatened on Tuesday to file the motion, despite Ting producing a newspaper cutting headlined “Billions siphoned – Sarawak government stepped in” to substantiate her claims.

BN’s vengeance

If Ting is suspended, she will be the third Pakatan representative following Chong and Ng, to face censure since the Sibu by-election last weekend in which DAP managed to wrest the seat previously thought to be a BN stronghold.

Suspension from the legislative assembly appears to be a common tool for the state government. Ho Leng, who was newly crowned as Sibu MP, himself was suspended last year for 12 months. The suspension expired on May 13.

Meanwhile, Ng who was served with a suspension of 12 months on Tuesday, is complaining that the state government was barring him from entering the public gallery of the House.

In a statement, he said that the state secretary also refused to give him the order paper, saying that he has no right to be within the compound of the state legislative assembly.

“I want to know what my rights are during suspension,” he said.

The order paper is usually a public document which can be obtained by anyone. The parliament’s order paper for example, can be downloaded off the Internet..


20 thoughts on ““Sarawak 2 Gone ,1 Other Going…??”

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :lol: BIG aNts bully smaller ants like a DICTATOR :lol: but not to worry bcoz majority silent VOTERS will comes out like BIG TSUNAMI to give those big bullies a BIG surprise when times come :lol:
    :arrow: All loving and friendly need to clean this poisonous CONTAMINATION in this bumNO ASAP from involving or pulling all of us backward to stone age APE like a negative thinking cow head or cow boy monkeys :shock:
    :idea: Respected Nelson Mandela even being through hard times before he taste FREEDOM and SUCCESS :idea:
    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  2. Hulk says:

    Its very stupid for BN to suspend a YB for that long. afterall they are there to serve the ppl of their constituents. …Should do some damage control before its too late…BN too complacent..

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    UMNO controlled BN government not only practise CORRUPTIONS but some prominent leaders even consulted Bomohs rather than the rakyat. Taib Mahmud should know better as he is ranked among the richest man in the world and Najib will soon be among the top 100 richest men in the world.

    Who do Malaysians believe to be lying? Pakatan or Taib and Najib? Will both Najib and Taib prefer to be corporate figures rather than be the PM of Malaysia and CM of Sarawak respectively??

    Malaysians must take back the power we entrusted to UMNO controlled BN government. We must vote out this highly corrupted and oppressive government and shall not be intimidated at all.

    Vote Pakatan national wide.

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :lol: DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY :lol:
    :roll: One way or another either by GOD or PEOPLES POWER help n support :lol: sure 1 day those :evil: bumNO will learn their lesson very very soon :lol:
    :shock: OVER SPEED can kills n OVER GAMBLING can hurts a lot :shock:
    :arrow: Peninsular M’sia = Sportstoto,Magnum 4D & 3D Da Ma Cai :!:
    :arrow: Sabah = Sabah 3D,4D,Lotto :!:
    :arrow: Sarawak = Sandakan 4D :!:
    :arrow: Singapore = Singapore 4D,Toto :!:
    :lol: 1 gambling license for Sabah & Sarawak is o.k for the peoples but 3 gambling licenses for Semenanjung Malaysia :?: FINISH la all one day when they are addicted to gambling like drug addict :!: :oops: SOME MORE FOOTBALL BETTING COMING SOON :?: OH MY GOODNESS :shock: What says you guys n gals :?:
    GOOD or BAD life goes on :lol:

  5. Osama says:

    The end of SUPP in Sarawak is nigh! No one in their correct frame of mind will resort to what BN particularly SUPP is doing to these Pakatan representatives.

    There is just no way our Sarawakians brothers and sisters will keep quiet about this. Just do not understand why the petulant Wong Soon Koh, will resort to such childish actions. Desperate time calls for desperate measures. Again, this will fail. Really, Wong Soon Koh like George Chan and Taib have overstayed their welcome.

    Like the ‘A Vote for DAP is a Vote for Islamic State, Voters must be thankful for BN corruptions and aduh, the creme de la creme of their campaigns, the “kampua mee”? Is this the best SUPP, George Chan and Wong Soon Koh got to offer? It is really a shame when the PM told them directly, these tactics do not work anymore. Just where is the creativity?

    One thing for certain, PR will see a surge in numbers in the Sarawak State Assembly come the next election. Winning Sarawak, that is God’s decision. The likes of Taib, Georgie and Wong Soon Koh must go. They are so predictable, only bothering about their own welfare and not that of the Sarawakians! So selfish, and it is high time the voters, who are the masters of Taib, Wong Soon Koh and Georgie vote them out in huge numbers. These guys got to be taught a lesson. They are just too arrogant and act as though Sarawak belongs to them. They are just too old now to connect with the young and energetic Sarawakians who want change!

    All the best Sarawakians, just know where your future lies.

    Salam Reformasi!

  6. 1MALAYSIAN says:

    Sarawak DUN no need opposition lah. Even if elected, the opposition YBs still will have no seats in the DUN with BN guys. The meeting will be closed door, quiet spoken (bisik bisik sahja)…then hu hu haha, clap the hands and sign the bills. Enjoy lah the good days, Mr. YBs BNs, the day is near and nearer. 2011 will just come before 2012 definitely; and SUPP (Sarawak Un-Purposed Party) is the first to sink. No worries, all big guns are rich enough to enjoy rest of the years. Dayak/Ibans will wake up and desert you, for sure.

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    Taib Mahmud says, “If Malaysians believe in what DAP says about CORRUPTION in Malaysia and that UMNO controlled BN government practise CORRUPTION, the world will collapse.”

    Taib Mahmud’s world and not the world is slowly but surely collapsing. According to some bomohs, Taib Mahmud’s soul and body organs are already starting to rot too.

    Malaysians shall rally behind Pakatan to hasten the collapse of UMNO controlled BN government and bring an end to to Taib Mahmud’s empire and UMNO hegemony.

    Pakatan’s machinery will make sure all the rural youths in particular and all citizens are registered as voters and shall excercise their right to vote for a just and fair government which priorities shall be to eradicate poverty, corruptions,root out all racist elements, unite the nation, grooming and retaining local talents,upholding our constitution and ensuring an independent, effective and competent Judiciary, MACC, PDRM and civil service.

    Malaysians shall say NO to UMNO controlled BN government and shall vote them out.

  8. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :roll: I drink my lemon juice from my lemon tree and have a relaxing Sunny Sunday :roll:
    :lol: Thanks and Happy Weekend to all :lol:

  9. Mata Kuching says:

    The UMNO controlled BN government in Sarawak will never ever learn its lesson and punishment melted out on them in the just concluded Sibu Buy Election.

    BN Sarawak had continued to abuse its power in and outside the DUN by suspending Pakatan lawmakers almost immediately after the Voters had sent this corrupted, abusive and oppressive regime a strong message that Malaysians shall not stand by and condone corruptions, abuse of power and oppression of the people and Opposition.

    The only known strategies to UMNO controlled BN lawmakers in every election are cheating, abusing government machineries, bribing,making use of EC , MACC, PDRM and Rela to work against Pakatan.

    Malaysians shall not be intimidated at all. We shall gather more strength , be more united spiritually and morally to rally behind Pakatan to save our Nation from UMNO controlled BN government’s blatant corruption, abuse of power and its divisive and oppressive policies.

    To all Pakatan lawmakers, you shall not walk alone and people’s power is strongly supporting you.

  10. francis ngu says:

    Soon there will be no oppositionist Ybs left in the DUN, a great achievement of a despotic and desperate government. They have the numbers in the House to do what they like.

    But come out of the House, into the streets and kedai kopi, and onto the universe of netizens, they will run frigid cold of the public condemnation on their Opposition-banning tactics.

    The Court of Justice of the Rakyat will pass final judgement.


  11. Mata Kuching says:

    George Chan was obviously very angry when he fired his first warning in Miri, telling “Outsiders” not to make him angry (tu lan or tu choi). And obviously the outsiders infered by George Chan are Malaysians from across the south china sea(sai bei kia).

    Before George Chan start running amok, he should rightly convene an emergency meeting

  12. Mata Kuching says:

    to find out from SUPP members if his leadership is still needed and wanted.

    If he is no longer wanted as president of Sarawak Unwanted People’s Party (SUPP), he should do the right thing by quitting his post as DCM and also as representative of Piasau, Miri.

  13. Mata Kuching says:

    The Council of Najib

    By Dreamweaver

    Angry grey clouds scudded across the sky over the huge green onion dome rising above the magnificent mock Moghul splendour of the prime minister’s office in Putrajaya. Thunder boomed as the howling wind whipped up the fluttering flags bringing with it the promise of rain. A late afternoon thunderstorm was about to unleash its fury on the land below but deep in the bowels of the building insulated from the capricious weather, a secret high level meeting was in progress.

    Its seven participants are among the most powerful people in this nation of 28 million people. In the opulent chairman’s seat was the prime minister Najib Razak himself, to his right the deputy prime minister, Muhyiddin and to his left the ex-PM who would not retire, Tun Dr. Mahathir. The other four were home minister Hishamuddin, law minister Nazri Aziz, information minister Rais Yatim and the Attorney-General Gani Patail.

    This was no ordinary Umno meeting called to discuss trite affairs of state but to deliberate on something far more important; the alleged violation of a private citizen’s back orifice which had engendered the involvement of the highest level of government. Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial had stretched to almost six months and was nearing its conclusion. A critical fork lay in the road ahead which required their deliberation and so the Council of Najib was convened.

    Mahathir was addressing them again in his commanding gravelly tone, his authority no less diminished by his age or his retired status. “And I say it again, there are lots which could have been done better. There should have been other actors to support this case. In my time, we caught hold of three close associates of Anwar – his speechwriter Munwar, his adopted brother Sukma and even his wife’s tailor Mior – and we used the Special Branch to torture and extract false confessions from them to implicate Anwar in homosexual relationships. You need all these to support your case. I can’t understand why this wasn’t done this time! Have we grown soft?”

    Najib sighed. He had invited Mahathir because he hoped to tap the old dictator’s experience in handling Anwar’s sodomy case 12 years ago but the old man seemed more interested in haranguing them on their lack of competence than in giving constructive criticism. “Tun”, he said evenly, “Times have changed. We can’t be catching innocent men to extract false confessions nowadays. It would create an unbearable scandal. The opposition is stronger now. Look how much problems Teoh Beng Hock’s case caused us?”

    “But what’s important now is that Anwar’s trial is nearing the end and I’m sorry to say the prosecution hasn’t done a very good job convincing the public. Saiful’s testimony was practically torn apart by the defense. Grave doubts were casted on the DNA evidence by their experts and the two medical reports saying no evidence of penetration really gave us hell.”

    Najib looked accusingly at Gani Patail. “Anwar came up with good alibis so the date and time of the offence had to be amended. This almost destroyed our case. Only the sternest instruction to the judge to carry on saved the day. I thought you had all the details taken care of, Gani?” he demanded.

    Gani Patail’s face turned pale and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead despite the ample air-conditioning. “I-I-I knew about those alibis, Datuk Seri. We fixed the date and time on the advice of the police who said they can prove Anwar and Saiful were in the condo. We thought we could threaten and intimidate the witnesses not to testify but it didn’t work.”

    Mathathir snorted derisively. “Bah! This wouldn’t have happened if I was in charge!”

    Najib ignored the old man’s slight on his capability. “Now, what I want to discuss, is it safe to convict Anwar?” he asked.

    Mahathir’s eyes widened with an incredulous expression on his wrinkled face.

    Nazri spoke up. “Datuk Seri, in my opinion it is not safe to convict him. Our intelligence units report that only a small minority of hardcore Umno supporters believe he is guilty. The huge majority thinks Anwar is a victim of political conspiracy. It would do BN great political damage to convict him.”

    Mahathir looked like he was going to explode. “I-I can’t believe I’m hearing this!” he sputtered.

    Nazri ignored him and continued, “There’s also Tengku Razaleigh. He’s been criticizing us like an opposition leader and even challenging us to sack him. I fear it may be the last straw if we convict Anwar and he may jump ship. This will give a huge psychological boost to the opposition”

    “Why don’t we label him gay?” asked Mahathir viciously. “And you can join him in the opposition if you like.” There was clearly no love lost between him and Nazri.

    “There are limits even for us!” Nazri shot back angrily. “The party will be destroyed. Don’t be surprised if even I jump ship before that happens.”

    “Calm down,” Najib said soothingly. I’m sure Tun is not serious. About Tengku, we’ll cross the bridge if and when we come to it. He looked sternly across at the information minister. “What happened? Didn’t our newspapers and TV stations do better job?”

    Rais Yatim fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat. “I’m sorry, Datuk Seri. I’ve leaned heavily on the mass media we control to report the case to our advantage to damage and humiliate Anwar. I’ve also warned, threatened and cajoled the online world to step carefully but these bloggers seemed to have no fear. Utusan and New Straits Times have done a good job but this devil Anwar seems to be the Teflon Man which no dirt can stick”.

    Mahathir growled again. “Compared to what our mass media did in 1998, what Utusan and NST have done now is nothing. Nothing!…like treating him with kid gloves. Back then, they really demonized and humiliated Anwar, no holds barred and no detail spared. We kicked him hard with no right of reply but now we seem to have grown soft”.

    “Times have changed now, Tun.” Rais replied respectfully. “The public now have alternative news online and the mainstream media must maintain some decorum of balanced reporting if they want to survive. In fact, all the newspapers have reported a drop in circulation since the trial started.”

    “So what do you think if we convict him?” Najib asked.

    “Well, it will be hard to convince the public although not impossible,” said Rais, threading gingerly and trying to sense which answer would please his boss. “I could send out more cyber troopers to counter the online news and blogs. But the foreign press is really criticizing us. We can’t control that. Overall, I would say…I think…we can control. The general election is more than 2 years away and sentiment is sure to change by then.”

    “Hah!” snorted Mahathir. “We had the 1999 election during Anwar’s sodomy trial which was stopped for one month. I still managed to get 2/3 majority. It’s how you manage things, Najib, it’s how you manage things!” stressed Mahathir, trying to pressure the prime minister.

    “Times have changed but old minds still think the same. Old ways may not work anymore,” remarked Nazri softly as if to nobody in particular.

    Mahathir turned to face Nazri, his eyes piercing like twin daggers. Before he could speak, Najib stepped in. He was secretly grateful for Nazri’s presence as a counterweight to Mahathir. “OK, what about civil unrest? Any chance of mass demos?”

    This was Hishamuddin’s call. “Cousin Najib,” he intoned confidently, trying to flaunt his special relationship with the PM. “No fear of that. I’ve ordered one container of tear gas which will be here soon. Another 5 water canon trucks are already in Port Klang. I’ve also procured longer and stronger batons for the FRU whose numbers have been increased. I’ve been spending the rakyat’s money wisely. We are ready,” he smirked.

    “OK, but go easy on the people, Hisham”, said Najib. “We don’t want too much violence. What do you think Muhyiddin?” he turned to his deputy who had been unusually quiet.

    “Well, Datuk Seri, I think Tun Mahathir is right,” answered Muhyiddin. “We should just go ahead and convict him. After all the time and effort we can’t let Anwar get away just like that.” He glanced at the old man with a slight smile as Mahathir looked appreciatively at him.

    The camaraderie between the two men was not lost on Najib. He would have to watch his back carefully against his deputy now. “OK, we convict. There will be anger, there will be outrage. We will be slammed left, right and centre. We need a diversion to score some brownie points with the people. Can anybody think of something?”

    Outside the sky cried sheets of rain and the wind wailed in frenzied anguish. A tremendous bolt of lightning brightened the room for an instant and a deafening crash of thunder rend the air as if an angry god had roared its disapproval.

    “Why don’t we prosecute Lingam?” offered Nazri. “The public has been baying for him to be charged. It will also take some pressure off the A-G.”

    At this, Mahathir slammed the table. “Lingam is my lawyer. I will not allow it!” he roared.

    Najib was quick to soothe the old man. “You must understand Nazri, if we put Lingam on trial we also put Tun Mahathir on trial. He appointed the judges. Any other ideas?”

    “How about charging a big fish in PKFZ?” asked Gani Patail. “Chan Kong Choy the ex-transport minister exceeded his authority to issue two letters of guarantee.”

    Najib thought for a while before he said, “No, it’s too messy. Ling Liong Sik before him also signed a letter of guarantee and we would have to prosecute him as well. This may collapse MCA. And don’t forget these big fishes may squeal. There are many in our party who would prefer things to be under wraps.”

    “I have an idea, cousin Najib,” Hishamuddin spoke up. “We could sacrifice Samy Vellu. MACC has a file on him two inches thick from the Maika Telekom share scandal to AIMST university and stealing land for Tamil school among others. The Indians hate him but he refuses to go so it will be like killing two birds with one stone. The best thing is that he can’t pull down anybody from our party.”

    Everybody agreed this was a good idea. There were chortles all around that the ‘old mandore’ was going to get it.

    “What about the sentence?” asked Najib. “How long?”

    “We don’t want the backlash to be too much,” said Nazri. “Just 6 months will be enough to disqualify him for running for public office for 5 years.”

    “Six months!” sneered Mahathir sarcastically. “Listen to this small boy talk. All this work for 6 months! In my time, Anwar was sentenced to 9 years for sodomy and that was to be served consecutively to 6 years for abuse of power. If some fool judges hadn’t overturned the sodomy conviction, he would still be in jail right now.”

    “I’m thinking 3 years,” said Najib.

    Gani Patail said, “Please note, Datuk Seri, every prisoner is entitled to 1/3 remission for good behavior. 3 years means he will be out in 2 years. This means he will be out to organize the opposition against us in the 13th general election.”

    “Aaah…,” exclaimed Najib, “I hadn’t thought of that. I think we should settle for 5 years then”.

    Mahathir frowned and looked like he was about to say something but thought better of it.

    “It’s decided then,” Najib continued. “Anwar will be sentenced to 5 years jail. Hah! The opposition had its day in court but we won the final round.” There were grins, back slaps and congratulations all around.

    At that moment there was a furious knocking on the door. When the door was opened an aide rushed in, his hair disheveled and his face ashen. In between gasps he said, “Datuk Seri…Datuk Seri…bad news! Saiful Bukhari has been struck by lightning! He is still alive but he is deaf, dumb and paralyzed. His face is twisted into a grotesque expression.”

    Najib rose from his chair, his face frozen in shock and his mouth opened in silent horror. The room seemed to rotate slowly and the voices of the others meld into babbling incoherence. A soft chuckling sound like coming from a great distance penetrated into his consciousness. In that sharp, stabbing moment, he knew that he had lost.

  14. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :roll: My Six sense really tingling that those :evil: jibby & the gangs was going for some dirty tricks and sound fishy :!: hahahahahahahahaha
    :mrgreen: KaBooommmm Zappppp Zapppp and that SHITfool was strike by lightning GOD bcoz of its ‘KARMA’ that was awarded to him for his evil act n lying to the GOD :roll:
    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  15. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :mrgreen: George Chan tell outsider :?: Don’t make me ANGRY or :?: what :?: turn into a green HULK Grrr huuu argggghhhh ah :mrgreen:
    Anyway keep cool George as we are all Malaysians too n your place is my place n my place is your place too ma :roll: Just be HUMBLE n be a GOOD HUMAN BEING n GOD will sure bless us all :idea: :idea: :idea:
    :lol: 1 day Great ‘Tua Pek Kong’ will find a way into GEORGE jungle brain to teach him good manner and how to be polite to all Malaysians peoples and outsider as well :lol: THINK POSITIVE :idea:

  16. Mata Kuching says:

    Urban voters which happened to have Chinese majority voters simply want good governance, a just and fair government that work for all races, a government which practise accountability, transparency, a government which respect the rule of laws and uniting all races to achieve progress in all fields. Unfortunately, MCA and SUPP still missed the points when trying to win the hearts of Chinese voters. Seeking RM100 billion just for Chinese education alone and at the expense of all other races and especially the rural schools and poor, will not win Chinese support at all. The Chinese and majority of urban voters voted for the Pakatan because they felt UMNO controlled BN will not reform itself and BN dominated by UMNO which has created a big mess and downgraded Malaysia to what it is today was because UMNO only wants to cling to power at all cost. The Chinese and majority of urban voters also felt its their moral responsibility to fight for the interest of the helpless and rural poor and are determined to get rid of any corrupted and authoritarian regime.

  17. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :lol: Hope that more n more Respected Malaysians will wake UP to fight the injustice and all evil :evil: wrongdoing by those B-eNd bad bunch and voted them out comes next 13th GE :lol:
    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

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