P212″Robin Finally Welcomes Batman”

The sms read ,”Bro all the Tension of the Past week from both BN/PR campaigners is enough to drive one up the building. Posts this sign of the faceless Robin/Batman just to ease the mood.Superman soon.” Cheer us up O. K. Tq

Well,audie61 and crew certainly would like to do just that and we know what our fellow blogger meant. Robin is YB Chong Chieng Jen and now he has Batman in YB Wong Ho Leng  and they both can fight for Sarawak that is Kuching and Sibu in Parliament.

 Superman they say will be from Miri and that is where you have to work out from which constituency. 

Anyway, more serious stuff soon and lets get ready for the war Sarawak State elections after the battle of P212 Sibu.