P212″ Whole Putrajaya in Sibu”

A voter from Sibu remarked cheekily,”Now Sibu looks like the Federal Capital.” Just drop a name who is who..? They are all camped in Sibu and they even have time playing squash and also checking the prices in Sibu wet market. Even the Pakatan State leaders are also seen campaigning for votes. Wah! Sibu so famous now and the Capital of Malaysia till the 16th is Sibu. “Welcome to Sibu Federal Capital of Malaysia ….Good huh!

A political analysts picked this statement up from the CM of Sarawak,” Taib also described the on-going campaigning for the Sibu by-election as very “panas” (intense).”We seldom experience this kind of situation. We are used to more localised issues.

Isn’t there a saying he remark,”Too many Cooks spoil the soup..? In this context there is no more daily briefings on what is and what is not to say but ONLY TO ENSURE  that the votes are in the bag fro the BN. Of course the pressure boils and the main issue seems to be the Bible issue for East Malaysia.

A DAP member said,”Can we import Bible with Allah into Sarawak..?” This issue remains hot on the heels of BN and they need to find ways to appease the 50% voters who are of Christian denomination in Sibu. All other bread and butter issues are of secondary importance in this election and the Tua Pek Kong Procession will not have too much bearing on the outcome. However the postponement of the May13th scheduled Rally is a plus point for the BN government.

The importance of internet and smses in this predominantly urban Sibu by election area  is of utmost importance . Take this twitter message sent by Hannah Yeoh,”Prayer & worship important to Christians, I use words to talk to God. I don’t want the government to regulate my conversation with God.” while you compare what Information Communciation and Culture Minister Rais Yatim had to say ,”They need to achieve 50% broadband penetration by years end and they need to distribute PCs and notebooks to the students who need them .”

Is this still relevant and its like cutting ribbons for a shop opening or jut to kickstart a development project.? The urban Sibu people want to know how policies are to be amended especially on relevant issues not how 50 % broadband penetration but “Allah”Bible” Scholarships”Subsidies etc.etc. BN needs to revamp. 

No wonder the CM said its “panas” and it seems in the bordersless world the Opposition members knows how to use the savvy technology of twittering,blogging,smses and facebook to their advantage while most of BN YBs are only dishing development funds while not intellectually having the right political discourse with the internet savvy voters.

This is and will be a major headache for the BN in the coming GE and State elections and if their YBs and Mps are still leaving in an egoistic world { bent on proving (to themselves) that they are better than those who have elected them }   their TIME will be up.

However having said that Sibu will still be in the hands of the right man for the job as the voters will have no qualms of taking the person out at the slightest hint of underperformance. When the whole of PutraJaya is in Sibu will you bet your lasts dollar to the opposition.

The democratic voting process is in the hands of the People and they will know what to do when they mark X on May16th for the P212 Sibu MP.  Have you decided or you need to listen to more ceramahs…………………