P212″BN Sure Win But By..??”

May 8th 2010 Chelsea  will be crowned the New Premeirship Champions if they play to their true potential and beat Wigan at home no matter what PM Najibs favourite team Manchester United  does. May 16th 2010 Najibs BN coalition will wrestle P212 Sibu Seat barring any hiccups and a disastrous campaign trail. Doesn’t this script sound too familiar?

After nomination day today  there will be a three cornered  fight {Robert Lau (SUPP-BN), Wong Ho Leng (DAP-Pakatan) and Narawi Haron (Independent) } the opposition parties are not on an upbeat scale and are not their confident self. Is this another way of generating sympathy and in a way Lim Kit Siang DAP supremo hit the right tone,””The battle of the century has began and we want the people in Sibu to speak up. He gives DAP 40 % chance of winning,”

Could this be reverse psychology to boost up the election campaigners and supporters of DAP/PR as they have just conceded defeat in the numbers game at nomination this morning with BN having a crowd according to Special Branch reports to about 5000 strong while PR had about 1000 at the mosts. Its 4 to 1 and Lim Kit Siang knows he needs to use a different approach to appeal to the the people who matters mosts the “VOTERS”  

It will be Full Houses at both Chelsea( Stamford Bridge) and Manchester United (Old Trafford) and many especially the MU fans will be hoping for a miracle to happen at the bridge and see Wigan drawing/winning. A Win for Chelsea will end the dream of a 4th consecutive Premeirship Crown for MU. Surely Najib will not dreaming too for his team?

May 16th it will be Kit Siangs time to dream and also many in the Pakatan fold whether their hardwork and 8 days of campaigning will bear some fruit. DAP will be only mindful of these famous words,” I Have A Dream” and it will be surely a political magic if it does happen in this by election. Even those ordinary folks in Sibu has already more or less given up hope and saying,”BN Sure Win But by how much”

BN will even throw in a Golden Kitchen Sink let alone an LG Refrigerator to ensure the impossible does not happen says a Sibu retired government servant. Believe me and what Lim Kit Siang said has so much truth and he is indirectly appealing for a miracle. True or Not…….???