PKR..Atishoo Atishoo”Conspicuously Missing”

Lets sing this nursery rhyme together,

A pocket full of posies;
Hush! hush! hush! hush!
We’re all tumbled down

If anyone has read the Sarawak update article posted one cannot imagine that Baru Bian as the new Liason chief of PKR Sarawak will come down so low to answer charges especially to the “CHAI TUA-Hockien for ‘Menu which we posts here for those who wants to know the new PKR Sarawak line-up. Pardon me if I am snooping around as someone said audie61 is no more no less a Trojan Horse and also singled out by SB as an “Opposition Blog

So whats the scoop especially with the “Menu” already revealed and PKR is ready to go head on with BN……Hold on there is more to read on after you have seen the lists here.

Senarai Ahli Jawatankuasa MPN Negeri Sarawak

Penasihat – Datuk Hafsah Harun

                        Datuk Daniel Tajem

                        YB Dominique Ng Kim Ho

Pengerusi Negeri –         Baru Bian

Timbalan Pengerusi –   Wan Zainal Wan sanusi

Naib Pengerusi –            Dr Michael Teo Yu Kheng

                                              Jimmy Donald

                                              Granda Aing

Setiausaha –     Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh

Timbalan Setiausaha – Piee Bin Ling

Bendahari –     Wong Huan Yu

Ketua Penerangan –     See Chee How

Timbalan Penerangan –  Dr Ikwar Bakaruddin

Ketua AMK –      Ahmadnazib Johari

Ketua Wanita –   Puan Ibi Uding

Pengarah Pilihanraya –  Nicholas Bawin Anggat

Pengarah Dasar –         Augustine Liom

Pengarah Strategi –      Dr Manshor Hossen

Timbalan Pengarah Strategi –  Maxlian Gombex

Have you spotted something amiss? What is happening in PKR? How come Wan Zainal is back as Deputy.What has happened to Baharuddin Mohksen? Nothing against Wan Zainal or in favour of Baharuddin. PKR has come in leaps and bounds and still its the same all too familiar faces lingering around and clinging on to positions. CHANGE what has happened to that? Where are the new and young vibrant  leaders? Why dont the elders just take a back seat?

Baharuddin according to feedbacks on the ground is a very hard working and a true light colouredf blue PKR member(dark blue is BN hik hik hik) and he seems to have been Politically Assasinated by forces within the party. Sources  in the PKR fold feels that it could spell a losts seat for PKR if Baharuddin is casts aside as he provides a charisma of a LOVABLE BIG MAN WITH A HUGE HEART. There are conspiracy theories which likened him to be a Trojan Horse very much like audie61 but we have always stood by our principles. Will he just come out of all this conspiracy smelling like a FRAGRANT ROSE..??

This is reengineering and reinvention of PKR Sarawak at its bests and if they fail to see the Shining Star that has through thick and thin fought for PKR but instead crucify the good man they will never ever I mean it ever Rule ,READ MY LIPS Sarawak as the young has noticed it quite evidently. The young will lose the circle and they will all come tumble down .  PKR Sarawak are you like little children AFRAID OF YOU OWN SHADOWS..? 

Why dont they have Hafsah Harun as Pengerusi,Tajem and Zainal as deputy instead. Is the lists Baru Bians? Anwar must have known this is coming down hard on Baru and he knows that lobbying to the top of PKR hierarchy was so intense that he must try to keep all factions in place before he looks at the Trojan Horse issue BESTOWED SO NICELY ON THE LOVABLE BIG MAN WITH A HUGE  HEART.  Sure there is the disciplinary hearing to clear the messy issue up. Anyone can tell me what is coming down hard ..hmmmm ??? 

Was Hafsah from PBB…?? Tajem from PBDS..? Jimmy from PRS..??Dominique from DAP..?? Anwar himself from UMNO..?? Show me the proof and if there is according to hearsays PKR is fighting a losing battle in this coming State elections. What about the WAR and that is the Next Parliamentary Elections which we have written about Anwar looking at it more seriously.

If some names are conspicously missing and if you are good enough to serve in that capacity one should not begrudge you the posts. PKR has evolved so much that the rakyat has woken up to the fact that it provides an ” alternative of some sort ”  and a vehicle which can fight for their political rights. If its not you who gets politically assasinated then it must be someone else. There is no different from what has happened in UMNO still going on in MCA,SUPP and soon to be SPDP. PKR is no different and its a political party and infighting is common as everyone is fighting to secure their positions for better things to come after so much struggle. THE WAR LORDS IN PKR SARAWAK ARE TRYING TO PUT THEIR MAN IN POSITIONS AT SOME GOOD MANS EXPENSE..

Good man are Hard to Come By and Good man will not lay still justs to be slaughtered. They will move on and eventually when the Good Man shines it will be a little too late for the party to say,”IF ONLY…” PKR don’t make the same mistakes which has saw the parties reign cut short examples of which we can use clearly are the Conservative Party in UK,Liberal Party in Japan,PBS Party in Sabah.(infighting and letting good man slip through your fingers)

Has Anwar shuffled the cards and pick his winnable candidates for Baru Bian for the coming State elections? Maybe he has if all accounts to the article written by our friend in Sarawak update..Tell me more …Atishoo…