“SPDP News..??”

Seems with just one week to go before nominations closed and there are no indications of any movement within the SPDP camps. One political watcher poked a seemingly harmless question which when we analyse deeply it has  the makings of ” you will regret later” and that is WHAT THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE STATUS QUO REALLY MEANS FOR SPDP..?

Anyone care to add more?

  • What if SPDP do some housekeeping first?
  • Is SPDP just covering itself up?
  • Has the PKFZ issues derailed SPDP to an extent that its better to keep QUIET…Hmmmm. 
  • Why has the person who was supposed to go for the Presidency suddenly losts his Wings ?
  •  Has he been told to shut up or ship out?

Well, over and out to you all and lets see who can come out with the mosts imaginative comment ….hik hik hik