DAP Voon-“Time’s Up on N11”

According to our sources there are speculations that DAP Assemblyman would not be picked to stand as the DAP preferred candidate for this incoming State elections. He is also considered as a loner and is deprived of information on DAP state matters. Are this back biting ssufficient for DAP to drop him out of reckoning? Are they more pressing matters?

Could his so called racial “overtones at the recent DUN sitting  be the FINAL NAIL for the DAP hierarchy to stop him from going for a second term? There are more questions than answers and as far as the recent spat with the Backbenchers Chairman is concerned we would be hearing more of it as time develops. We learnt this all from some reliable veteran observers and they say the Back biting is getting serious as far as YB Voon is concerned.

Back biting in a politcal party as we know is very damaging.It can be used by certain quarters as part of their scheme to secure political positions or steer their way into positions as favoured candidates. The members in the party will dictate the status quo of the the day and it seems Voon will be the FALL GUY.


He is facing his toughest battle not only internally in DAP but also against outside forces of the Police Report and the allegations of criminal intimidation and the various smses which are already in the hands of the Police. A date in court will do him more harm than good and if the case is not in his favour he will have to relinquish his position. {The tasty bits of information we will reveal later as it might jeorpadise the  police investigations}

No doubt this back biting did not stem from outside forces but usually it starts from a close insider source. The pursuit of such an opportunity for the DAP aspiring candidate will ensure that his dream of taking the coveted chair away from Voon is done and in doing so it is a convenient TOOL to achieve the preferred goal.

This unholy way many have succeeded and Voon should just look over his shoulder as the messages that is being spread now will reach a wide influence and impact and it may even shape the public opinion though DAP Voon might  gain public sympathy through his stand at the recent DUN.

All though is not too well for Voon and he knows what is coming and he is trying to change the rising tide towards his nose. The wizards of back biting will see this as the greatest opportune time to PUSH THE DAGGER in towards Voons chest and it is up to him to come out fighting. Will he be able to cop this time round?

 It seems that mosts political analysts points Voon to losing the battle this time round BUT as alwys there might just be some HOPE if he quietly goes off in the sunset…..   

Voon faces his toughest battle just yet and it has not been a good November for him……………