YB says ” Been There “

An internet portal posted an article which it seems to have stemmed up from the dissatisfaction especially with the recent resignation of its Vice Chairman from the Federal Appointed posts. The media they say will jump into any story that will shake the administration and create some ripples. Of course the bloogers in the blogsphere will add more gravy plus  implicit details and facts to give it an added spice.

Is PBB Youth in a bad shape with its leader spending too much time in the Federal capital?

Knowing Fadillah who is also a close friend Im sure he will not be bests please especially if the knives are coming from the back instead of his members in the MKT being sincere and talk it out openly in the round table or approach him to air their grieviences. ( I am not apple polishing here mind you as we know which YB does their work) 

  As for Karim he sms me and said,”He has been there before and he is not too keen” You make your own judgements after you read what has been posted…..   

The article  By Abdul Hakim Bujang

In football, normally an experienced coach would get his reserve striker to warm up if the top marksman is firing blank. That is what a group of vocal Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) youth leaders are doing.

They have been going around, hinting and signaling that the Youth Chief post should be contested. I am sure Fadillah Yusof, the incumbent is fully aware.

I have not met Fadillah in person since Batang Ai by election, the very last time am got to meet Malcolm Mussen “The Invisible YB”.

PBB is a very complicated political party. They are two entity under one roof. Very united despite the sibbling rivalry. The unity in PBB is partly because they have a very firm leader in Abdul Taib Mahmud and Alfred Jabu.

Discontent leaders have been very vocal during PBB youth executive councils meeting, most of whom demanding what was promised during the party closed-door Triennial General Meeting (TGM). PBB last TGM was a family affairs, and doors are nicely shut for the press.

One of the issues brought up was lacked of activities due to Fadillah extremely tight schedule in his Ministerial role.

Critique said that Fadillah is embroiled in the unique situation due to very special circumstances. Suffice to say that he is blessed with a non-politician as his vice on Bumiputera ticket.

There is no need for me to mention the name because every PBB members and supporters active at grassroots level are fully aware of it.

It was learnt that some PBB youth leaders are not happy because the wing is unable to make their presence felt apart from failing to create viable opportunities for member and supporters.

“They may organise this economic course and that opportunities course but there were literally no follow ups.” One of the youth leader who spoke with Sarawak Update quipped.

Another leader who spoke very frankly, insisted that politic is about sacrifice and struggling for the betterment of the society. Fruits of the labour, whatever little, must also trickled down.

They claimed that the movement is slowly losing its appeal and blame this to the collective failure of “Fadillah team” leadership.

Off all the names, the person being pushed to challenge Fadillah is PBB loudest voice in state legislative assembly who is former PBB deputy youth chief, Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

Karim, whom is also Chief Minister chief political secretary when contacted for comment admitted that he heard about and is leaving it to the party top leadership.

“Being in PBB youth was the best part of my political struggle but my peers are already in the Kaum Bapa (main body) and I will be 50 soon,” he said.

When pressed for comment, Karim insisted PBB youth leadership must try to solve the problem within the movement, and believed that it is best the movement leader to be elected among themselves.

“I am already in the party main body supreme council, and would abide by the leadership advice. Furthermore, I would feel very lonely there though I may be able to join them at coffeeshops, big-biking or other youth activities,” he said.

Sarawak Update would try to get Fadillah Yusof comment tomorrow. Furthermore, the TGM will be held in March a long-long way to go…