“In 48 Hours Party Wins Nobody Loses”

With just 48 hours before the party elections Philip Ngo challenger to Deputy presidents Posts reiterated that “ ITS NOT ABOUT ME,ITS ABOUT THE PARTY.” I have been seen as going against the Status Quo of the Presidents Lists but as he said in the main stream media he told audie61 again its what he believes in and that is for the democratic process to work in all BN parties.

In the spirit of  Barisan National he says ,”If we just following the “Main Menu” or “Chai Tua” we will be seen as dictatorial and it will not be good for the long run of the BN coalition. Its not against the system as we must uphold what SPDP stands for and that is Sarawak Peoples Democratic Party. The delegates will need to be given the mandate to choose their leaders and if the leaders do not perform or has outlived their usage its time for them to make way.

Nyarok if he loses will still be an Assistant Minister while for me if I lose I will just go back to my business profession. Nobody loses,the party wins and SPDP will be seen as having an family election held in the spirit of BN. He stressed the mosts important thing is,” I am not someones PROXY but i stand by my ideals and principles and that is for the delegates to CHOOSE THEIR LEADER. This is democracty and for the good of BN in the long run as it re-engineers,rei-nvent and re-stlye itself to face a common enemy in the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

He wishes all delegates a fruitful convention and win or lose his heart and soul will be with SPDP and the BN government.  As perceived by many, he wished to make it clear that to Nyarok  ” he has never ever harboured any ill feelings and he has always respected him and for what he has done for the party.

Win or lose  we will sink and swim with SPDP as it looks forward to the future. This is Mature Politics.

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