Wolves…”Gracious After Defeat”

In any elections be it NGO elections,party elections, State or Parliamentary elections  our intellectual property(i.e our mind and all its various parts- the Brain will push us and say,”Failure is not an Option.” But if we are defeated usually it leaves us with a bitter taste in the mouth and the question that constantly bombards our mind is,” If Only….

Sometimes its a little too late but in all fairness and truthfulness not always as many before us like Junichiro Koizumi and Winston Churchil have proven to us. They became Prime Ministers of their own countries didnt they..? 

My better half who usually does not meddle in my political life said this after I read the sms from Philip Ngo the defeated Deputy Presidential candidate.”Failure Does Not Mean You End Your Struggle HERE.” Pick up the pieces and come back for more as in the end the truth will prevail. We could sympathise with what Philips wife had to endure after all the threats and abuse the husband has to overcome when she said,”the party does not deserve him’

The sms which was sent to audie61  was very gracious in that it said,” I was surrounded by a pack of Ferocious wolves,I did not flex my muscles and I just smiled and swallowed at what was thrown at me.I thank them for what they have done and I remember what CM Taib said,”Swallow your pride and you will come up on Top”  We pursued the goal of democracy and we paid for it win or lose and for me “I shall return

That is very bold and it also brings me back to  YB Voon Lee Shan who was bitter but gracious and on top of that  he hates factional politics but Loves the Party Most. Voon and Philip though both from different political divides would put the party first before themselves and will not succumb to the “wolves in sheep skins in the party. As former MP Sim Kwang Yang who not only pens for Hornbill Unleashed but also the internet portal  Malaysiakini I quote this especially from his current article,’ We witness how men and women in political parties jostle shamelessly for positions of power without any pretense to any sense of honour

Though mosts of us would do a post mortem and move aimlessly the two defeated candidates in their respective parties have got up and move on. Voon is seen moving around and meeting his people and also surrounding areas and wishing the public “Merry Christmas and also doing what he knows bests “Hands on Politics” Philip even went on to attend to a public function a day after his defeat in the elections. Do we need to push leaders like that.?

Many as we know,read and hear about after losing in elections will seek greener pastures to escape the humiliation of defeat but not these two tough COOKIES.  Know of anyone that does that..?

Its certainly is up to their parties in DAP and SPDP to find the right PLATFORM FOR THEM to serve the public and to ensure that the party stays relevant after the next State Elections. Of course one would say how can we compare both of these man to Junichiro or Churchil..? I will say it again to all of you out there,”Never ever write anyone” off and the former DeputyPrime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is a leading present example in todays Malaysian politics.

Even the Prime Minister Najib had this to say which is covered by Borneo Posts an English daily,” Past achievements, successes and good track records of the Barisan Nasional (BN) cannot be used by the coalition as a yardstick to measure the people’s feeling towards it in any future elections.“Today people want to know what BN can do for them in the future, therefore, the coalition’s future plans will determine BN’s fate in the future.”

Isn’t this statement strong enough? Do we need to push ourselves? What does this tell the YBS or MPs from both the political divides.? One can cheat the people once ot twice but not all the TIME and forever always…Wonder how many defeated legislators are as gracious after defeat and in recent GE308 Kho Tsu Koon Gerakan President was very gracious I must say and salutations to him for that.

The party elects and the party can discard but the President of SPDP stands tall especially with his statement,”that they will be no disciplianary action against those who who challenge the Presidents lineup,”Menu or Chai Tua” He also called all members to place the partys interests first before self and also to observe party solidarity and unity. 

Our sources also told us that Mawan does not read blogs but for SPDP to stay relevant its time his aides do it for him and ensure that he stays on top of the political  game. We know for a fact that the CM is a very well informed man and he knows what is going on the ground to the higher echelons of Malaysian and World politics.   

Its time to move on to the next chapters in their political lives and one should remember the “wolves’ are always n the prowl and waiting for the next victim. Dont be caught during FULL MOON. Aaahhhhhhhh Woooooooo !!!