DAP Sarawak-“Storm Warriors”

Just as the highly anticipated martial arts film”The Storm Warriors” are about to blasts into our cinemas next week a political storm is brewing in the Sarawak DAP. It will thunder in very soon and according to innsiders/sources this has the making of of a very serious loss to the party as DAP Sarawak has more soldiers than Generals and it will further split the party.

Storm warriors  is based on the comic’s pivotal Death Battle story. Cloud (Aaron Kwok) and Wind(Ekin Cheng ) are in conflict with the powerful Japanese warlord (Simon Yam) and Heartless (Nicholas Tse)  The combined forces in this movie culminates in an ultimate battle with a lot of fighting and actions. DAP like our previous article in which we wrote Times’ Up Voon on N11 is just a diversion from the reality of it all.

There are 6 Sarawak State DAP  legislators in N10(Violet Yong) N11( Voon Lee Shan) N12( Chong Chieng Jen) N40 (Ting Tze Fui) N45 (Wong Ho Leng) N59  (Chiew Ching Sing). According to ground zero reports SUPP will be facing its toughest yet to win back these losts 6 seats and might just face a rather acrimonious loss of at least a few more. The reality of it all is that SUPP will need to sort itself out before they face their common enemy and the voters. 


DAP’s ratings have indeed surged since SUPP has been embroiled in too much infighting. Even tears were shed by veteran SUPP members in their recent SUPP assembly.Are these the start for SUPP veterans to come back and assist the injured party to fight its toughest battle against DAP?  SUPP will not give up so easily and we can say with our lasts dollar that they will come out fighting from the word “GO“.

DAP has very low regards to SUPP holding their forts and it is common knowledge that when your enemy is having problems it represents the best chance for DAP leaders to lead the armyand they are prepared to TAKE-OFF and take full charge of the situation. An internal strugle to see who leads this army is brewing according to our sources and there are clearly three factions in DAP Sarawak. 

Chiew,Chong and Ho Leng are the 3 factional leaders in this equation and Voon is the odd man out of this three factions and considered a loner. David Wong,Fong Pau Teck a strong DAP divisional head is touted to join forces with Chiew the N59 assemblyman while Ho Leng has losts the plot amongst the DAP party members eventhough the voters has still high esteemed of him as an assemblyman. Chong senior sees this an opportune time for his son N12 Assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen to lead  DAP with his new team. Observers are looking at Chiew putting a stop to a family legacy and confidently and quietly pretty sure that “past karma” might just stop Chong from leading DAP SARAWAK. 

We  know from the highest to the lowest party member almost all are obsessed in party positions especially so with DAP Sarawak now as they are on the verge of greater representations in the DUN as SUPP to them is a foregone entity.The struggles which they have battle scars to prove is now close at hand and the people/voters are slowly accepting them as alternative to champion their rights in mosts of the urban Chinese enclave.  It is these Posseessiveness-the passion to hold and have -is the ultimate source of war,and the foundation of all the ills crippling a solid political organisation. The question is will it affect DAP Sarawak as it prepares itself for the impending Elections? Will DAP with these storm brewing gain more than lose more?

DAP will need to pick amongst them the new leader or remain status quo to lead the opposition front into a battle royale with BN. Innsiders points to the fact that PKR Sarawak has got their house in order and with Baru Bian at the helm the party is on solid footing. Opposition members hopes for more of the same from DAP power struggles but hope their possessiveness of the DAP LEADERS CHAIR will do more good than harm.

Obviously BN and SUPP hopes that the storm brewing will drown the generals of the party and the soldiers will be too battle weary when the STATE ELECTION COMES ROUND THE CORNER. DAP YBs have their own charisma according to a highly ranked opposition leader and they will still hold their own against their opponents when the moment of truth is upon them.

audie61 hopes for the sake of DAP that this will augur well for DAP as the THUNDER SETS IN. BN is looking closely to ensure that the injured will not be able to PATCH UP and thus the bottom will cave in. The storm warriors of DAP will do well to look at the bigger picture than going for the ultimate. Will they just do that……