Anwar “Who the Big Fishes …??”

Seems the authorities are beginning to rope in the culprits who has been oversiphoning the rakyats money in the PKFZ scandal. The inital costs of 2 billion spiralled to 4.6 billion for the massive 400-hectare integrated cargo distribution hub.

The question in everyones mouth and not only Anwar the opposition leadersmind is,”Who is next and also the bigger players should not be allowed to escape..??? ”

Anwar further added,” We welcome this although it is a small move. I hope this is not the beginning of a cover-up on the issue.” All the major tabloids local and foreign and internet blogs will be covering the latest developments. If  the Government does come down hard on those found to have played a part in the Scandal it will elevate the country and certainly boost foreign confidence and bring back losts investments.

The fun ride for some is beginning to come to an end and those unfortunate scapegoats will be hoping that they will not be the ONLY ONES..