“Ministerial Abuse of Power…???”

A BN supporter said ,”Politics also not stopping for Christmas“. How could it stop as its all over the main stream media and with this headlines too,” Pertandingan satu lawan satu bagi merebut jawatan Timbalan Presiden SPDP itu disahkan oleh Mawan.”

The elections screening committee is due to meet in two days time and vet through all the contestants but the main agenda will be the “fight for the  Deputy Presidents Posts.” Both candidates election machinery are in full swing and audie61 received an sms at 13.03 pm and after verifications from the source we decided to upload.

The sms,” We received report from the ground that my honorable opponent  is going round to ask delegates to sign a petition to support him.We are monitoring the situation,should there be any element of ministerialpower abuse we may consider making REPORT TO THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES.”

This is a serious matter and the Presidential candidate and our Preferred source in SPDP also concur with Philip Ngo that if there are abuse of power the Candidate must TAKE THE HONOURABLE STEPS AND MEASURES….It’s for you to judge the man himself and we leave it to him.

Meanwhile an upcoming prominent young lawyer who has an eye for one of the SPDP areas met audie61 and said that that President Mawan shoud just leave his “machais” to do his work especially with the elections as he is seen now being “dictatorial‘ and not democratic. I thought SPDP means ,”Sarawak Peoples Democratic Party” and this is even worse than the the Communist bloc Parties.  Lets see a change here or else the people will change the YBS of SPDP. 

SPDP TGA will be held on the 28th-30th December in Kuching at the Civic Centre and all eyes will be focus on the candidates who will be vying for positions in the Leadership.  

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