DAP Sarawak “Hero or Champion”

N11 Assemblyman Voon Lee Shan is very much under the spotlight and is the DARLING OF THE MEDIA at the moment. His status ever since his spat with the Backbenchers Chairman Karim Hamzah has propelled him to the status as ” Hero or Champion ” of the people. Will this lasts? It seems that he is sticking up like a sore nail in DAP’s circle and he has taken over as A true “Storm warrior” in reengineering a change in the leadership of Sarawak DAP.

The chinese tabloids are playing up the issue and our innsiders within DAP are seeing a fight which has the makings of the the pasts DAP struggles for Chairmanship in the days of Sim Kwang Yang(SKY). We all know what happen then and we do not want to dwell too much on the pasts. The present is a gift and thats why there is Todays DAP leaders who has made a significant breakthrough in the lasts State elections.

If the words uttered by Voon are anything to go by and usually its very LAZER PRESS FRIENDLY and with these reports on the ground,” I am not going against Richard Wong Ho Leng but he is trying to OUST me. Batu Lintang and even Pending Branches  I suppose are together in the same “Menu-Cai Tua-Hockien for a preferred lists in the lineup.” Do you think I will just let him OUST me..?? How does one read into these words? Will Ho Leng just brush it aside??

A phone call was made to the Kidurong Assemblyman by an internet blog-Sarawak update and they said that YB Chiew was playing it safe and said that it seems a “status quo’ would be the next bests bet for DAP as it prepares itself for the upcoming elections. But the battle sparks have already been set and Voon and Ho Leng are just the preview to the MAIN MOVIE.

The sudden resignationof  Deputy Minister of  Tourism Sulaiman Taib has even been overshadowed by this recent development in DAP. The propaganda machinery in DAP has been stepped up and with PBB having its Annual Convention very soon the word is DAP needs to be ready to lead the charge for more seats in the next elections. This means the HOUSE Needs to be in ORDER FIRST..

SUPP Youth has clearly stated that they want at least 20% representation for the next elections and DAP with an upswing of voters looking at SUPP embroiled in all its troubles will want to capitalise fully on the present political climate.

DAP will need to look towards the STORM Warriors and who amongst them will be the “HERO or Champion for DAP towards the next state elections. There are no 2nd class tickets available in this fight for the Chairman of DAP Sarawak. There are no imaginations in this fight for the posts and when it comes the prsioners will be left to dry and hang out in the unbelievable scorching political  sun.

Voon will use this  time available to him when the BN Backbenchers Chairman is away on a State Economic Business trip overseas to  spearhead his own survival in DAP. He will need all his political wisdom to manouevre through the trenches and traps before him in the DAPs wranglling for party power. He does not want to be left behind and before he is OUSTED he will ensure that he KICKS UP A STORM.

Chiew Chin Seng is playing the cards close to his chest as he is quietly monitoring what Chong Chieng Jen has on his mind. The opposition members in the state are hoping that a compromised solution will be a perfect present for the coalition as it  faces the BN in the impending elections.   

Familiar isn’t it….No political prisoners and excess baggage so who is going overboard…..more will follow……….