Anwar “71 Sarawak Seats Not the Focal Point”

True,true ,true and “ya betul ya betul ya betul”  Sounds familiar..?? In order to avoid any political confrontational arguments and also HEATED provocations at least 95% of our people will not only nod in agreement but also answer accordingly.

 The “ya betul answer goes back to late Deputy Chief Minister Sim Kheng Hong  ‘bless his soul” who was not so fluent in his pronunciation of YA BETUL it became common knowledge of an SUPP joke “Coconut and Bottle” Hockien Language.Just imagine overnight in the campaigning for the Pending State seat there were literally hundreds of Bottles and Coconuts hung around the constituency. In actual fact it was a way of telling the party SUPP you are under the thumb of PBB.

So now we get to the main point? Is Anwar really interested in the Sarawak politics? The 71 seats which we will reposts later is indeed a difficult challenge for PKR and its alliances in DAP,PAS and SNAP. If one was to read this article from dayakbaru “When BN hold 2/3 majority in DUN Sarawak, their YB can do almost anything they like.” True.true.true and what about this from Anwar,”“We have problems,” “In some areas, we did not expect them to win but they won,”ya betul,ya betul,ya betul’

Its like singing the same song and listening to the same record all over again and again and again.Mind my English here. Is BN worried about PKR..?? Dont be fooled as the Federal BN knows that Sarawak and Sabah are the bastions and only if an  EXTRA ORDINARY MIRACLE OF DIVINE INTERVENTION prevails BN will still consider the two states their TOP BANKS. Afterall these two states are always nodding in agreement. Nod now and forever always. {That was before right}

The ball game has changed and if you were watching the premier league game between Liverpool and Arsenal you will understand me better. This is really a game of two halves. In the first half Liverpool was so domineering and only led 1-0. What was said in the dressing room in the interval. Arsenal came out alive and rejuvenated and played for their lives. Final result 2-1.

Guess what was said,” Fabregas the captain has never seen the Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger so furious and the words used,” YOU ARE NOT FIT TO WEAR THE ARSENALS COLOURS and he lambasted them and this was the first time he has ever done that.”

Anwar has problems fair enough but dont always use the same excuse. Move on and we know for well that its better for him and the machinery to wrestle the majority through the Peninsular and we know for well whats next..?? Once the federal government is toppled the State of Sarawak and Sabah will “NOD TO THEIR NEW MASTERS” Highly unlikely but we know that in politics “Everything is possible and the Impossible becomes Possible.”

So the challenge for the Sarawak  PKR,DAP,PAS and SNAP is not in the State seats below but the 31 Parliamentary seats for the Pakatan group. The battle is the 71 seats but the focal point is the WAR of the 31 Parliamentary seats.

 Is it Ya betul,ya betul.ya betul.?? Its not only true but it s a FACT and ANWAR knows time is not on his side but he will do all he can to ensure that Pakatan will not only smell the Coconut flavours of Putrajaya while BN and Najib will do whatever to crack the Bottles into Glass Shattered dreams.  

Look at the lists again and tell me “A state women oppposition leader told audie61 a couple of months ago and it is still very fresh in my mind,” They will not be another better chance for us to realise this dream of wrestling the state from BN. 1987 was close but now we need to work even harder 

Tell that to Anwar……. Ya betul…..

  • N1 OPAR (7379) Ranum Ak.Mina (BN-SUPP)
  • N2 TASIK BIRU (14983) Peter Nansian (BN-SPDP)
  • N3 TANJONG DATU (7973) Adenan Satem (BN-PBB)
  • N4 PANTAI DAMAI (12073) Abdul Rahman bin Junaidi(BN-PBB)
  • N5 DEMAK LAUT (10080) Abang Draup Zamahari Rauf(BN-PBB)
  • N6 TUPONG (14787) Haji Daud Abdul Rahman (BN-PBB)
  • N7 SEMARIANG (13498) Sharifah Hasidah bte.Sayeed Aman (BN-PBB)
  • N8 SATOK (10835) Abang Johari bin Tun Abang Haji Openg (BN-PBB)
  • N9 PADUNGAN (24512) Dominique Ng Kim Ho ( PKR)
  • N10 PENDING (29503) Violet Yong (DAP)
  • N11 BATU LINTANG (24783) Voon Lee Shan (DAP)
  • N12 KOTA SENTOSA (18934) Chong Chien Jen (DAP)
  • N13 BATU KAWA ( 16237) Tan Joo Phoi ( BN-SUPP)
  • N14 ASAJAYA (12016) Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (BN-PBB)
  • N15 MUARA TUANG (14303) Haji Mohammad Ali Mahmud (BN-PBB)
  • N16 BENGOH (20077) Dr Jerip Anak Susil ( BN-SUPP)
  • N17 TARAT (15171) Roland Sagah Wee Inn ( BN-SUPP)
  • N18 TEBEDU (11793) Michael Manyin Anak Jawong (BN-PBB)
  • N19 KEDUP (15994) Frederick Bayoi ak.Manggie (BN-PBB)
  • N20 SADONG JAYA (6917) Haji Wan Abdul Wahab bin Wan Sanusi (BN-PBB)
  • N21 SIMUNJAN (9846) Mohd Naroden Majais (BN-PBB)
  • N22 SEBUYAU (7549) Julaihi Narawi (BN-PBB)
  • N23 LINGGA (7545) Hajah Simoi Binti Hj Peri (BN-PBB)
  • N24 BETING MARO (7267) Haji Bolhassan Haji Di (BN-PBB)
  • N25 BALAI RINGIN (8244) Snowdon Lawan (BN-PRS)
  • N26 BUKIT BEGUNAN (7644) Mong anak Dagang (BN-PRS)
  • N27 SIMANGGANG (9849) Francis Harden anak Hollis (BN-SUPP)
  • N28 ENGKILILI (9477) Johnicol Rayong ak.Ngipa (Independent)
  • N29 BATANG AIR (7997) Dublin Unting anak Ingkot (BN-PRS)
  • N30 SARIBAS (7145) Dr Hj Wahbi bin Hj Junaidi (BN-PBB)
  • N31 LAYAR (7415) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang (BN-PBB)
  • N32 BUKIT SABAN (6876) Robert Lawson Chuat ak Vincent Entering (BN-PBB)
  • N33 KALAKA (13379) Abdul Wahab bin Aziz (BN-PBB)
  • N34 KRIAN (10429) Peter Nyarok Anak Entrie (BN-SPDP)
  • N35 BELAWAI (8004) Hamden bin Ahmad (BN-PBB)
  • N36 SEMOP (9162) Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar (BN-PBB)
  • N37 DARO ( 7411) Murni Suhaili (BN-PBB)
  • N38 JEMORENG (8545) Gani @ Abu Seman bin Jahwie (BN-PBB)
  • N39 REPOK (16750) David Teng Lung Chi ( BN-SUPP)
  • N40 MERADONG (14584) Ting Tze Hui (DAP)
  • N41 PAKAN (9034) William Mawan ak.Ikom (BN-SPDP)
  • N42 MELUAN (11169) Wong ak.Judat (BN-SPDP)
  • N43 NGEMAH (7849) Gabriel Adit ak.Demong (Independant)
  • N44 MACHAN (9966) Gramong Juna (BN-PBB)
  • N45 BUKIT ASSEK (26002) Wong Ho Leng (DAP)
  • N46 Dudong (21819) Dr Soon Choon Teck ( BN-SUPP)
  • N47 BAWANG ASSAN (16844) Wong Soon Koh ( BN-SUPP)
  • N48 PELAWAN (22559) Goh Chung Siong ( BN-SUPP)
  • N49 NANGKA (12973) Awang bemee bin Awang Ali Bassah (BN-PBB)
  • N50 DALAT (11423) Fatimah Abdullah @ Ting Sai Ming (BN-PBB)
  • N51 BALINGIAN (11326) Abdul Taib Mahmud (BN-PBB)
  • N52 TAMIN (10900) Joseph Mauh ak.Ikeh (BN-PRS)
  • N53 KAKUS (9417) John Sikie anak Tayai (BN-PRS)
  • N54 PELAGUS (13898) Larry Sng Wei Shien (BN-PRS)
  • N55 KATIBAS (8146) Ambrose Blikau (BN-PBB)
  • N56 Baleh (9731) Dr. James Jemut Masing (BN-PRS)
  • N57 BALAGA (6691) Liwan Lagang (BN-PRS)
  • N58 JEPAK (12049) Talip Zulpilip (BN-PBB)
  • N59 KIDURONG (23726) Chiew Chiu Sing (DAP)
  • N60 KEMENA (13338) Dr Rundi Stephan Utom (BN-PBB)
  • N61 BEKENU (10095) Rosey Haji Yunus (BN-SPDP)
  • N62 LAMBIR (11245) Aidan Wing (BN-PBB)
  • N63 PIASAU (17256) George Chan Hong Nam ( BN-SUPP)
  • N64 PUJUT (20098) Andy Chia Chu Fatt ( BN-SUPP)
  • N65 SENADIN (16925) Lee Khim Shin ( BN-SUPP)
  • N66 MARUDI (12425) Sylvester Entri Anak Muran (BN-SPDP)
  • N67 TELANG USAN (12793) Lihan Jok (BN-PBB)
  • N68 BUKIT KOTA (13328) Dr Abdul Rahman Bin Ismail (BN-PBB)
  • N69 BATU DANAU (6889) Palu @Paulus Palu Anak Gumbang (BN-SPDP)
  • N70 BA’KELALAN (6284) Balang Rining (BN-SPDP)
  • N71 BUKIT SARI (9373) Awang Tengah Ali Hassan (BN-PBB)

In 2006 Sarawak State Elections there was 54 Straight Fights,13 3-cornered,1 4-cornered,1 5-cornered and 2 YBS were returned unopposed

8 thoughts on “Anwar “71 Sarawak Seats Not the Focal Point”

  1. MatSah says:

    Trouble is there are sentiments among Sarawakians that PKR and Anwar are to blame if Sarawak remains in BN hands.

    What does it take sakai Sarawakian people/voters to realize that THE TIME IS NOW!

    Who cares if your YBs go broke. They’ve been fcuking your money all this while!!!

  2. Yeomen says:

    Thought PKR Sarawak has turn the corner with the appointment of Baru Bian until Wan Zainal was make the deputy !!!! Back to the old ways !!!

  3. Ben says:

    The candidates have been identified. PKR is only concentrating on winnable seats. Who are those receiving the backing? They are the ones who can meet Salehuddin anytime. Others are on their own and if they win, it is a bonus. It they lose, PKR do not suffer any lose.

  4. Foodchain says:

    We want YB’s that are express their opinions on issues and stand strong on their resolve, not opportunist who only want to be in the govt administration to benefit self and cronies… you know what I mean … Rakyat of Sarawak have to know how to identify the ‘fake’ and ‘genuine’ character of the political players …very important to choose the ‘dare to stand and be counted’ YB’s rather than ‘hide & spin and get into position’ YB’s..

  5. Anak Sarawak says:

    If PKR and DAP are serious about winning in the next state election they must field credible candidates. As it is most of the local leaders in Sarawak PKR are “rejected” politicians who had stood and lost in past elections. What makes you think that they can win again. So Anwar choose your candidates wisely.. many sarawakian and sabahan want change and to effect change get the right people and not political apportunist the like of Gabriel Adit.

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