SPDP President Mawan:”Is it Just A Statement..??”


The heat is already boiling and the political water has been  extremely and furnaced hot for a few days now in Sarawak. CM Pehin Taib earlier said there will be surprises before PM Najib announced the Federal cabinet. Surprised.  My,my,my of course… Sarawakians were unhappy playing second fiddle to their neighbours Sabah in the Federal Lineup of FULL MINISTERS. The heat is really on.

In the local tabloids YBs and Ministers have been capitalising on this particular issue.They have all got on the bandwagon to strike political mileage and also making sure their voices are heard. audie 61 have already written the article,”A little too late..” Or is it..???

 An SPDP innsider when asked on why ,”Mawan had to add on a bit of salt to make the situation tastier..?” He said Mawan wanted to pour some cold water to soothe the heaty situation.”

We were perplexed to say the least as this is the statement from Mawan from the english daily.”He asserted that Sarawakians must understand that Sabah ‘is very much of Semananjung for the simple reason that it has UMNO(United Malays National Organisation).

That we don’t have.That is their working mechanism as far as the political organisation(BN) as well as unity and stability are concerned.” he added

WOW…!!!! Hmmmm..!!!  We asked,” Is it just a statement..?? What is Mawan up to..? Is he looking into leading UMNO into Sarawak? Sorry..though.. UMNO protem committee has already been established here in Sarawak and its only a matter of time if there is a need for it to emerge and spread its wings fully.

The changes in the political climate might neccisitate UMNO to just do it as PKR has already planted its SEED and are looking more and more a capable opposition to wrestle the BN State Government from its iron grip.

PKR Stampin divisional Chairman and also one of the many legal advisors for PKR Sarawak said that ,”It shows the dominance of UMNO and it even gets into the mind of Mawan” in a telephone interview with audie61.

Mawan was right to say its about party,not ethnic representation BUT usually when he is on the right track and gets it all summed up he so decides to put himself in the HOLE. 

As a matter of fact this political statement should and must not be uttered unless there are grievences/unhappiness/soreness within the Sarawak BN camp. WILL UMNO NOT JUST FEEL BE-LITTLED? I’m sure they will say oh.. yeah Mawan well done and pat your back.Will the other 3 component parties of BN Sarawak not also feel edgy at the thought of UMNO closing into Sarawak? Mawan should seriously look into sacking his present press or political advisors who has got Mawan into this BIG BLACK HOLE.

Pehin Taib has already said that he wont meddle with the PM’s decision on how he wants to run the country. This is very clear and the political advisors and strategists in the respective component parties should just look into the other areas where the PEOPLE OF SARAWAK can benefit and the development funds should be and must be utilised to its maximum.

Forget about the POSITIONS and get on with it. Don’t cry over the spilled MILK and maximised our States political strength economically.

We say as always,”The Economic $$$$$$$ $ is more important to the people of Sarawak than Federal representation but Mawan WHY..? WHY..? WHY..?  UMNO….