“Political Arm Wrestling..A little too late..??”

Will this sore point of given 2 Full Ministers with 30 MPs while Sabah with 24 MPs gets 4 Full Ministers be drowned with more allocations for Sarawak? What has PM Najib need to do? He seems to face renewed voices of dissent now.

Yesterday the Bidayuh’s came out openly where Mambong MP said the PM has derailed the One Malaysia Concept when he excluded the Bidayuhs.  The chinese newspapers are speculating today that the 3 MPs are considering moving out of BN. 

Today in the State’s English tabloids the Sarawak Malays have also expressed their UNHAPPINESS of being excluded or considered as they are not represented by a FULL MINISTER. PBB Malays must have made their political voices heard through their MPs or ADUNS. 

Their deputy President Abang Johari called for understanding and says that its Najib’s prerogative. Could it come a little too late? This article from a blog site presents a good read too.

In the last few days this 2 MPs tag on Sarawak is gaining momentum. Could Johari be used to echo what his party is demanding? Johari said,”Yes ,we are disappointed because normally we had one Full Minister.Let’s tolerate it(the latest  reshuffle).What is important is the delivery.To me,what is most important is the money(for Sarawak)

He said PBB could accept the cabinet for as long as the new ministers did their jobs to ensure that the developments funds were sufficiently allocated to the state.

SUPP President and DCM George Chan  also said that the State was unrepresented in the Federal cabinet. According to a political pundit it seems that the state has used their MPs numbers to get more development allocations instead of Federal representation.

It will benefit the state in short term but in the long run the decision making for the state will be MICROSCOPIC. Will or can Sarawak be able to turn the tables later? Most political decisions are not clearly defined and most handshakes and a nod does not constitute it will be kept by both parties.

The political situation is so fluid and Najib will not be able to keep everyone happy no matter how he tries to appease. It is after all his prerogative and he knows that there are more pressing matters which is the COUNTRY’S ECONOMY instead of POSITIONS. After all Najib knows bests as he is now sitting on the HOT SEAT OF THE COUNTRY.

We say as always,”Let’s see how the political demands will unfurl in the next few days…..