N29-Why does Dato Sng take all the Flak..?

Over the past few weeks Dato Sng Chee Hua has been under attack from all angles.A newspaper columnist who sees fit to defend Dato Sng emailed to audie61 to publish this story. It’s a rather interesting take and make your own comments…

The Full Emailed copy:-

Again, today, Dato Sng Chee Hua’s name has been dragged to the recent Batang Ai by-election. In the New Straits Time today, columnist John Teo in his column, specifically said Dato Sng was the ‘chief supporter’ of Jawah Gerang, the PKR defeated candidate. While I may not be able to read John Teo’s mind, I think it is safe for me to conclude that what he meant was Dato Sng was supporting Jawah not only as a friend but also as an opposition candidate in the just concluded by-election.

Yes, Dato Sng would readily admit that Jawah is his friend, regardless of his political affliation. But so are most of the other politicians who had been with him during good and bad times during his political career. Some of them now are with the opposition and quite a number are still with the BN. To him, friendship transcends politics.

But to insinuate that he has secretly support, in whatever form, Jawah to topple the BN in the recent Batang Ai byelection, is grossly unfair. He had made a public denial on this during the height of the by-election. Yet again, the issue comes up.

The question now is what proof do they have that Dato Sng has supported Jawah in the by-election? Have they ever seen Dato Sng campaigning for the opposition in Batang Ai? Was it Dato Sng’s money used to cover Jawah’s election expenses?

Those who failed to furnish concrete evidence to support Dato Sng’s involvement in the by-election should just shut up, otherwise they are just being made used of by certain quarters to pursue their hidden agenda.

If Dato Sng wants to be petty and childish, he can always cut and distribute a photo published in the Borneo Post of James Masing presenting a birthday cake to Daniel Tajem and say, aha, James is also in cohort with the opposition. We all know what was Tajem’s role in the recent by-election.

If Dato Sng wants to be vicious, he can always say that his meeting with Anwar was nothing more that just a meeting between old friends, unlike others who met Anwar with a agenda to topple the State government in order to become the Chief Minister.

If Dato Sng wants to be play politics of deceit, he would be like the others who pretended to be a true blue BN men, but yet, behind their back, cursed all the BN leaders. If not, how does one explain if a supreme council member , in his blog  wrote and I quote : “…The master tactician must have told Najib “never mind -lah, Dato Sri, you take care and appease MCA, MIC, Gerakan, UMNO Sabah and others first lah, dont worry about us in Sarawak, we are ok”!…With his “masterful” non-pressure actions, Najib “owes” Taib heaps of political “favours”.”

One does not need to be a brilliant man to get the hidden messages from this write-up about our Chief Minister. So how could the boss allow his man to write such a thing about the Chief Minister? CLICK  HERE for NST STORY.

We say as always,”The Information,Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Rais Yatim has already made it clear that anybody who violated the law had to answer for his or her action.There are certain journalistic ethics to follow and if the writer of NST does have necessary prove than its TIME to SHOW HAND. There are Too MANY HIDDEN HANDS and whoever is the PUPPET MASTER will pay for the consequences in time…We shall see……