24 Seats 4 Full Ministers 30 seats 2 Full Ministers

Without Sarawak or Sabah the Federal Government would not have been a Barisan led government. Its a fact and no one can deny that. When it comes to Federal representation Sarawak with 30 secured seats in the last GE cuts a raw deal. This view was echoed by political observers and component party members alike. 

However there must be a deal that has been reached or else Sarawak CM and his cabinet would feel disappointed and letdown.Politics has a lot of wheeling and dealing and the ECONOMY OF SARAWAK IS NO.1. We can talk about 1 Malaysia concept but our CM must have been offered ENOUGH FEDERAL DEVELOPMENT FUNDS   to springboard the SCORE CORRIDOR. If not, this is really a SURPRISE to say the least…   

Todays English tabloid DCM Chan came out with “Dr,Chan sad over Riot’s exclusion”. Could this statement be used to cover the CM’s “surprised” that was headlined yesterday. Richard Riot a 5 term Bidayuh MP has once again been the talk of the community and it was he during the 916 federal takeover bid by Pakatan who was touted to cross over.

Dr, Chan said,”He should be able to have a good link with the federal side.SUPP is very disappointed.” He went on to say further that the ( representation in the federal cabinet) is not proportionate to the number of OUR Members of Parliament that is 30 in Sarawak.

Sabah has benefitted as they have  voiced their concerns and also making the right demands. Could the UMNO factor in Sabah cut a fine deal too? Sarawak PBB has 1 Federal Full Minister representation and 3 deputy Ministers. That is a good quota. Sabah with 4 Full Ministers the people of Sabah should rejoice and it is of no wonder that Sarawak is disappointed. 

We say as always,”The Economic $$$$$$$ $ is more important to the people of Sarawak than Federal representation. This must be carried out in EARNEST to show that the Federal government is indeed SINCERE or else the PEOPLE will turn to the Ballot Boxes.