N29 Batang Ai ‘Music to the Ears’

Seems word on the ground from a PKR sympathiser is that ,”Any miracles would be welcomed now” The rating according to SB report is that its 58% to 42% PKR. Bad isn’t it..?

Even the bookmakers have more or less given up on PKR’s hopes as the odds have risen from 300 to over 450 now. Every one is cashing on quick $$$$$ and only the small time bookies(Sri Aman bookies) are taking in the bets. The big boys have left the country and they will only be back after the 10th of april 2009 after the 3 byelections according to the runners. Their phones are also switched off now and are also using other numbers.

BN is extremely happy with all these developments in N29 and with PKR even losing one of their Julau Division Chairman Dr.Ambrose Labang Jamba its a blow to the PKR Sarawak machinery. This could be read in DETAILS HERE..

According to a PKR strategists this happens,”We shall keep our chins up and there is a bigger agenda to fulfill.” Wonder what he means..hmmm???  

We say as always,” It will be celebration time for some on the 7th while others would have to do a post mortem on where did it all go wrong……… 

“Bombs Rained into Permatang Pauh”-Update N29 Batang Ai


Sunday morning after church service was uplifting after saying grace and thanks to the ONE and ONLY Almighty Creator for a good week that has been. To live and be able to breathe another day to many is a ‘Gift from God” 

My retired professor friend who caught up with me for coffee this morning said this,” You attack my Garrison N29 I attack your Base PP” It seems that BN strategists has been told to go on an all out offensive to ensure that this BN Bastion of Lubok Antu remains intact and at all costs.

You see this advertisement in the classified pages of an english dailyheadlined,” Permatang Pauh Selama 27 Tahun TIDAK  BERUBAH PUN.Bolehkah Beliau Membawa Perubahan ke Batang Ai? 

Helicopters were flying in and out of the interiors of Lubok Antu ferrying VIP campaigners some of them from UMNO to derail Anwar’s momentum and assist Sarawak BN. Anwar and PKR has been attacking the CM on all matters be it on NCR,cronyism,projects etc etc etc.

So it is only right for BN to attack Anwar back at his homefront. Will it work..? We shall see says the retired professor. These two places are worlds apart and they are inhabited by different people,cultures and customs. BN is under attack and of course they will come out with all sorts of propaganda warfare.

So this Sunday morning the rests of the news are just for coffee talk as its the usual ones for both sides of the political divide. This classifieds by BN though is something very new in Sarawak’s Political landscape.

Wonder what PKR can come up with? Haven’t the Home Minsitry lifted their ban says the retired professor..?? Hmmm,food for thought and could this be another miracle like what SKY puts it,” a win for the opposition would always be a miracle of sort; the playing field is tilted sky high.” Its up to PKR stategists to come out with somthing lightning fasts or else N29 will remain a BN stronghold.

 We say as always,” The undercurrents have shifted somewhat and its up to the campaigners to seize the opportunity and moment in N29 Batang Ai. Has the Bombs had a telling effect on the VOTERS..??