“Beri Saya Undi,Beri saya….”

Beri saya Undi (Give me your votes) Beri saya Peluang( Give me a chance) The usual clenched fist “Hidup BN or Pakatan” then followed by “Hidup (name of candidate)………” This would be heard over and over again for the next few days as the candidates and party campaigners tries to WOO the VOTERS.

N25,N29 and P59 the next few days the candidates will be selling themselves.They will be countless ceramahs,meetings and functions and the candidates must ensure that they are seen by the VOTERS. Come April 7th 2009 these 3 constituencies will see a NEW FACE as their ADUN or MP.

Today we dedicate this article to the thousands of voters who will be casting their votes and they will be making their own CHOICE ON WHO will be looking after their constituencies interests. Good or bad its up to who they mark X on the ballot papers. We are sure that they will not let anyone down..Go for it..!!!!   

We say as always,” the candidates will have to be on the go in the next 5 days. In order to capture the imagination of the voters they must be seen to work tirelessly..What would you have done..????

Bloggers… Why?Why?Why? 3 Whys on Batang Ai N29?

It was more than 2 whys when I touched down at Kuching International airport this evening. This is an extract from a conversation which I had with a senior journalists/political analysts at Mcdonalds restaurant this evening.  Its meant to happen and this is the first why?

My phone was off and as I landed in Kuching there was a message. It seems a day away from action packed newsapapers in Sarawak has awaken the journalistic feelings of one who never seems out of touch with the realities of everyday Sarawak.

Seems for two consecutive days,the bloggers have been under attack.There is no need to mention WHO and the readers have already envisaged who. Never the who but question the WHY WHY and WHY the bloggers? Are they being feared?  It’s a food for thought  and  it seems the bloggers have indeed ruffled the state administrators  that they have to come out and say a thing or two. Do they need to…???

Its a ‘People’s right” and with the advancement of  IT savvy technology the public would seek an alternative and has a right to seek a balance of alternatives in this political divide. The people will be the judge to associate themselves with the mainstream media or the alternatives.

There has been too much SWEEPING STATEMENTS of late on BLOGGERS. According to the senior journalists blogs provide important information and its an avenue for citizens journalism. We need to use the technology that is before us and a blog serves as a ‘personal diary” With blogs its an invention and things are more open. It is away from the norm and the mainstream media knows that they have a competitor and its a NEW MEDIA TOOL.  

This is the NEW REALITY of the IT ERA. Unless if and when BN adminstrators or YBs wake up and accept this new trend or new media their days might just be numbered. There is no need to criticize the who and why who has written but to view it as something constructive and do some evalution or a case study.

There is nothing to hide and whether you like it or not the POLITICAL LANSCAPE IN SARAWAK HAS CHANGED.The IT era  brings about greater democratisation across the nation of Malaysia and Sarawak is no exception.

To condemn outright the Sarawk blogs and therefore deny the PUBLIC an alternative new source is tantamount to insulting the intellect,educated public and putting a brake on DEMOCRACY.

There is an upsurge of public interests in the blogsphere of personal opinions and if they are positive the government should adopt the ideas but if they are malicious and spreading unnecesary lies there must be a stop on the nonsence.

Its up to the governement press/media boys to churn out a statement to deny or rebutt with statements to the blogs. There are ways to look at it and different ways are needed as if not we are entering a political minefield. Why should we do the work of those who are supposedly paid in the thousands by the political masters? WHY?WHY? WHY…???  should be Correct,correct and correct…!!!!

Batang Ai N29  has provided a rather unique platform for BLOGS to be the challenger to main stream media. No news is too far away. Even a former magistrate can say,”main stream can write once while we can write 10 or more times and posts it in the cyber world on the same subject mind you…”

Take the 3 paragraph statement from the former PRS supremo Sng Chee Hua where he denied he was working against the BN in Batang Ai. Why or Why does he need to come out with this statement? He even added,”“I am a BN man and I believe that the BN will deliver the seat.”

Sure,now what does that make him? There is even proof  that there is clip on why the former PRS members were made to to get ready on their next move…Do we need to expose this? Surely, many will wonder when and why it was done? Do we need to answer that? WHY WHY WHY now..??? Don’t tell us it will be like it sounded like me and I think thats me…

Facts,figures,statistics they say never lie and all ruling government thrives on information technology. James Masing PRS President must have enough evidence to substantiate his claims in the chinese dailies or else he would be getting himself in a bigger HOLE against his former deputy. 

BN has got enough supporters and its no use to ever think of making use of people who goes against the principles of the BN spirit. BN in times of trouble needs the true soldierss and captains to fight for their cause and Pakatan would also do likewise. Is there a place called IN THE CENTRE..?? 

Bloggers they say, are here to stay and unless the internet/cyber space  is shut down for good the BLOGGERS have a place called home IN MALAYSIA.

We say as always,” Let’s be honest and say Kuddos for Bloggers or else the mainstream media newspapers will take things easy and for granted.WHY..there is no more WHY..??????