“PKR Sarawak Crossovers and BN Statements”

It was a bitter pill to swallow for some PKR members as at the height of the battle Julau PKR Chairman decides to switch camp. To those in the hierarchy of PKR Sarawak they had anticipated this move as this rumour was circulating for the last few days.

BN has taken back some lost ground. Sarawak DCM Jabu who spoke to the press said,”BN always welcome former FOES if they have a change of heart.He believed more PKR members would shift their support to the BN in the next few days to help the coalition retain Batang Ai N29″

Housing Minister Johari meanwhile had this,” the move by PKR members meant that their brand of politics is not acceptable bythe locals.He added PKR is not relevant to Sarawak.

SPDP President Mawan,”Labang was highly qualified and experienced leader and knew too well that Anwar’s struggle was in fact personal. In fact Labang was among the first few to join PKR and he even brought Anwar to Pakan. Could Labang be joining SPDP..????

PRS deputy president Joseph Entulu was quoted to have said,’Labang had obviously realised that PKR could not make any inroads into the rural areas in Sarawak contrary to their claims.I hope he will join one of the component parties as that would be wise.”

For all intends and purposes the choice is up to Dr.Ambrose Labang. He has moved away from his original struggle. He must have losts confidence in the party itself or could they be more to this? Could he have been dissatisfied with Anwars last minute choice of Jawah eventhough the frontrunner was Bawin.?

There are obviously cracks in the Sarawak PKR wall and it needs to be looked into seriously. Nothing should be SWEPT under the Carpet.  There is another underground swell in the offing and if PKR does produce a ‘miracle of some sort”  all will be well. If the results is a convincing and thumping win by BN heads are to be ROLLED OVER AND CRUSHED.

Anwar knows his detractors but he is willing to use it to his advantage at a PRICE. Only HE and his inner circle knows what is his game in Sarawak. He has ruffled the State adminstration and that should be enough for PKR for the time being. He is expecting a 2-1 result and of course a 3-0 to PKR would be a 407 tsunami to the BN.

On the eve of 407 its time to take stock of what all BN and Pakatan campaigners have done. Have they done enough for their candidate to win the by election?  Has all requests been looked into? Have they convinced the fence sitters that their candidate needs their mark of  X..?

All these questions will be answered by the voters in the respective by elections constituencies of N25,N29 and P59.  N29 the battle is all geared up and the waterways of Batang Lupar will see many longboats ferrying Voters to the polling stations from the longhouses. Its a scene to behold in this rural and remote constituency of N29. Its a day where democracy would be also tested to the fullest. 

We say as always,”Democratic elections is alive in Malaysia and all VOTERS should be out in FULL FORCE to do their PART.The Ballot Boxes of 407 will provide many answers.