“N12 Penanti..??”

It was supposed to be announced this Friday but SPR has decided to make a statement on Monday 27th april 2009 on N12. This by election is called as  Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin former Deputy CM resigned due to personal grounds. He is currently being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for alleged abuse of power.

We shall wait for the outcome of the official announcement on Monday. Both sides of the political divide has made their voices heard and its up to those who has an eye as a Legislator to represent the constituency of N12 to come forward. Will we see another Bukit Selambau lists of candidates..??The choice and the X will be up to the 15421 voters.

 We say as always,”Election fever in N12 will start cooking up if SPR sees a NEED TO CALL FOR A BY-Election.We shall never know will we, what happens next..??