PKR,”Only A MIRACLE can save Jawah’s Campaign”

The TRUTH hurts.The body language and the faces shows it. PKR Sarawak campaigners are facing a really tough battle and their resilence are at the lowest ebb. They are hampered by the lack of an efficient co-ordinator.

Sad but its true as a number of PKR sympathisers and supporters from West Malaysia found out. The PKR Operations is badly managed to say the least. It will take a miracle for Jawah to pull this one out of the bag from BN.

Money resources are low for PKR unlike the well oiled BN machinery in Lubok Antu. No wonder they say unless if and when PKR can come up substantially with the amount of money to cover the logistics,food,accomodation etc,etc,etc it’s just  A DREAM to even rattle the BN in the rural areas which is truly a BASTION.

People Power,Dayakism,Need of Change,A New Dawn maybe it will do well in the Urban areas of which the majority will subscribe to it. In the rural areas its more of a HOPE that the dayaks will embrace the changes. They have the BN to look after their needs of new roads,new attaps,new generators and of course money in elections will see them through for a month or two.

PKR leaders of course will show to Anwar that all is not lost but deep down they know its an uphill struggle. A miracle to win..? Surely, and what will Jawah come up with..? 5 terms MP does he need to be told what he needs to do..?Can he pull it off like the PBDS did in 1991? But then PBDS was a supporter of BN in the federal level while an opposition in the State.  

Will the issues help PKR ,Jawah and his loyal and trusted campaigners..? There are obviously some ground dissatisfaction amongst PKR members but the major factor is the money to run the whole operations. Could money be the Miracle..? Nope there is more to that in this byelection of N29 Batang Ai…

Jawah knows how to win an election and he must know where and what to do to secure his unbeaten record(5 terms). I do not need to write it here as the whisperer to Anwars ears will inform him accordingly. This is out of the hands of the PKR YBs who themselves needs to be on the ground and push hard for a victory instead of waiting for Anwars instructions says the whisperer. 

We say as always,” BN will run for cover if PKR manages to find this MIRACLE. Money we say can buy many earthly treasures but Its GODs will when MIRACLES HAPPEN…

N29 Batang Ai’Leave No Stones Unturned”

Word from the top is simple from both sides of the political divide. BN Chairman Sarawak Pehin Taib has said,’that BN will make sure that no longhouses or areas will be left unvisited.There must not be any letting up and that every nook and corner of the constituency must be reached” He has been well informed by the BN Operations room.

Meanwhile the PKR strategists for Batang Ai said,”Seems that BN has now not taken the opposition lightly.We have been working very hard and Jawah and Bawin and his team of campaigners have made inroads.BN thus seems to sense that the challenge is for REAL..  ” 

Its a tough battle ahead for both sets of soldiers and generals at the helm as they do battle to Woo the Voters in the remaining 5 days.Its frantic,serious and often tempers are raised. Its only usual and I have been on that road more than once. 

In this interior remote constituency all the speculations of who is ahead and who has solid claims of support can only be determined on the day itself. The dayak factor of an awakening on a different platform is being checked by the BN’s politics of development and progress.

We say as always,” working hard and smart will eventually turn the peoples conscience and their VOTES will be delivered. Who is moving about and who has looked after them are all taken into considerations by the VOTERS OF BATANG AI..Believe me..!!!