PKR Sarawak…?? Ibans TOTAL HOPE in BN.

The usual election talk has died down in my usual 90cents per cup coffee shop. Now the fire in the Iban  intellectuals who had forseen a Change in their Peoples AWAKENING AND MINDSET were unusually quiet and no more vocal.

What was even more damaging was when when the results were announced the PKR supporters were far away from the scene. What has really happened to the commadarie and the big dinner functions where thousands were seen..?? Win or lose its part of the election process.

Todays tabloids there were a lot of analysis on where BN won and where PKR failed. Post mortem for both parties are necessary as winning one battle does not constitute winning the overall war. One needs not to be too arrogant as if they do and forget the fundamentals they will be suffer the consequences in the battles to come.

Now BN needs to keep to its promises of deliverance. The people of Batang ai has spoken and they want the government to make good their promises. Even SUPP chipped in with the result as ‘thrilling ” and mentioned that the voters have made a wise decision as they selected a person who is able to deliver.

 Well YB Malcolm its all up to you now. The BN full machinery was at your constituency giving you undivided support and now the peoples expectations are RAISED. $70 million worth of development funds are allocated and they need to be implemented accordingly. No more PROMISES but Hard Work.

audie61 has received a lot of sms and we share with the readers a couple of which does make some relevancy

  •  See, what i said was very true. the ibans in batang ai will always vote for the BN as they feel if they did not vote for them , life will be miserable afterwards, they will have difficulties in meeting govt officials such as district office for simple task like “certified true copy” etc, etc, etc. I have worked in that area in 2003-4 and knows these villagers well.
  • PKR should not even have contested in these iban areas and they have wasted their energy, resources and money.The good thing for these batang ai folks would be the RM70 million projects that would be forth coming…………..
  • Iban puts their TOTAL  hope in BN again says a IBAN Businessman…Sarawak gives their full support and endorsed Najib as PM.  Iban deserves BN reward for their total undivided support.  All election promises by BN of about $70 Million to the Iban hinterland will be carried out says a BN member.
  • How could a member of less than 6 months been picked to contest? This is going backwards for PKR. No wonder PKR got a battering and it was a thumping win for BN.
  • The PKR SARAWAK State Exco needs to redraw their political strategy and come out with a more solid and realistic apporach. It was a mistake to immediatedly admit the  ex PRS members. Give them 6 months to prove themselves and then admit them. PKR Sarawak just looks more like a “RECYCLED AND DUMPING GROUND” 
  • Talks of infighting within PKR has been proven by this Batang Ai result. What is Anwar’s next move as the person to make inroads into the Sarawak landscape..??

There are more but we do not need to publish as it a repeat of the WHY..? WHY..? WHY..? Who  is to be blamed syndrome? How come PKR losts so heavily etc etc and the lists goes on.

Stampin division Chairman See Chee How can name all the factors in the local tabloids but only one thing is a sad truth. The Iban BN people stays true to their believe that,”Do not fight the Government of the Day”  One has to realise that the urban areas are made up of people who make their own living through other means instead of depending on the Government.What would have happened if  MB Tan Sri Khalid has given development funds here..?

audie61 as far as we are concern we try as much as possible to give a fair and just reporting and we hope not to be lopsided. Our team of columnists are from different cultures,races and backgrounds. audie61 do not want to be associated as speaking half-truths or pro to one side.

 Home Minister Syed Alba has mentioned that Blogs are now considered mainstream media. We see this as opportunity and we intend to carry our message to check and balance the ADUNS,MPS, Councillors,and others who are tasked to serve the people. 

We say as always,”The TRUTH Hurts and everyone needs to sit down and reassess what needs to be done or what could have been done.Politics they say CUTS A FINE LINE..