P212 “People Power vs Handicap Bookies”

The first words uttered were in Hockien,”Chin A- Tang Boh..?” It seems the illegal bookies are running scared as most punters in P212 are banking on Wong Ho Leng to give them an early Gawai present.

Eventhough the goodies are a plenty in terms of project development funds,refrigerators,fans, and the newest addition in a by election “mattresses” the BN handicap of 2000 votes losing 85 cents and DAP wining 75 cents are as hot as they come. When one bookie opens up his bets the sharks swallow it all up in a matter of minutes. The trend is not dissimilar to 1982 and has that certain hallmark says a veteran punter

The bookies are asking their BN friends whether the BN will win over 2000 to save their bets. Will they be hit hard this time round? People Power { Punters } in P212 Sibu has a history of knocking out a giant killer the former DCM Wong Soon Kai was a victim of overzealous betting.

Both sides of the political divide condemn election betting but its a known fact that it will not be able to eradicate this menace. This time it seems the people power on the ground is going all out to deal a bad body blow to the RICH SYNDICATED LOCAL BOOKIE FIRMS.

 If not why all the sudden frentic calls like the time when the electricity was cut off /tripped /damaged/burnt  during football matches especially the one between West Ham and Arsenal. The tip caused a number of established local heavy weight bookies to close shop and flee.

Something is moving the market and even the impending arrival of Najib with more immediate goodies have not stopped the trend. Will DAP/PR suffer with a backlash..? Though its early days yet but once the Sibu folks have made up their minds its difficult to overturn their decision. Its Gawai Soon and BN/SUPP win with 1999 votes will keep the People Power happy…………………

3 thoughts on “P212 “People Power vs Handicap Bookies”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    Malaysians should be fully aware of UMNO political agenda which is to remain in power at all cost. BN is effectively UMNO and UMNO is effectively BN. Make no mistake that a bigot like Ibrahim Ali is a monster created by UMNO to do whatever necessary for the cause and survival of UMNO. The NEP and the NEM will be exploited effectively to enrich an elite group of UMNOputras at the expense of all Bumiputras especially the Malays.

    One of Ibrahim Ali’s task for UMNO is to remain an Independent MP to carry out the following to suit the situation : a) putting fear in rural and less educated Muslims and Malays that their religion has been threatened b) to put fear in the Malays that the Chinese will wipe off the Malay by expanding their economic dominance. c) to cause and create religious tension under the pretext of defending Islam. d) to issue threatening remarks to all Malaysians who don’t support UMNO controlled BN. e) to allow the Malay NGO organisation called Perkasa which is headed by Ibrahim Ali to be used as a tool to cause unrest should UMNO lost control of Putrajaya.

    UMNO has again used Ibrahim Ali to threaten to “ship out” all development in Sibu if BN lost the Sibu by-election. He had done the same by telling the PM to delay or withdraw all development fund to the Chinese community in Hulu Selanngor for not supporting UMNO controlled BN and calling the Chinese ungrateful. Make no mistake that every threatening words uttered by Ibrahim Ali is endorsed and approved by UMNO as he has been entrusted with that specific role outside of UMNO and be allowed to carry out UMNO’s wicked agenda in Perkasa and in his own capacity as an Independent MP.

    After 50 years of independence and in the last 25 years especially our country is regressing and have fallen behind other developing countries in this region in terms of quality education, quality human resource,quality infrastructure, and the independence of the judiciary, MACC and the police have been compromised and exploited by UMNO controlled BN. Malaysians need to save our country from the rot which started some 25 years ago. We need a competent, accountable and transparent government committed to fighting corruption and ensuring our nation progress in all frontiers.

    Malaysians in Sarawak and especially voters in Sibu must ensure that the Sibu by-election be the platform for Pakatan to effect a complete reform and change needed to reverse the damages done by UMNO controlled BN by voting for Pakatan candidate YB Wong Ho Leng from DAP.

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