SWP” No Involvement..!!”

An innocently placed telephone call at 17.57 pm to a former PRS colleague turned out to be more than we bargained for. We justs congratulated my friend for being even considered as per an article which was written for an Internet portal Free Malaysia Today and which has now been picked up by http://malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/newscommentaries/48870-sngs-reputation-thwarting-swp-polls-attempt  

Our friend was mentioned in the article “Sngs reputation thwarting swp-polls attempt” and he was taken by surprised. We read to him extracted,” In Selangau, where the incumbent is Joseph Entulu, Sng has allegedly contacted a former Resident of Kapit division Hilary Mukit. It is understood that Mukit has turned down the offer.

He was furious to say the least, and as good friends we told him we could at least try to clear his name somewhat and we leave the rests to his own actions. We requested an sms if he feels its necessary and he obliged and we received it at 18.17pm

The contents of the sms”Tq for your call.I would like to deny what was written by one Joseph Tawie in Free Malaysia Today where it was alleged that Sng contacted me to be the SWP candidate for Selangau in PRU13.At no time I was ever contacted as alleged and furthermore I am no longer involved in politics.”

There was also the line of which we told our friend Hillary was what was written which caught our attention ,’ Sng is a gambler and a cock-fighter, and ‘quality’ candidates won’t want to gamble their future with him.”

This was also to tell him that he was wise not to have taken the offer. We did not think it would have come to this.

Furthermore after our telephone conversations we were even told that Sng Chee Hua would do an Asajaya replay in which 3 years ago he shouted “Hidup Taib three times” where we were present and heard with our own ears.

The source close to Masing said,”A similar stunt of that nature would be done infront of PM and CM and Sng would have made his intentions known that SWP is BN friendly.”

This will make it certainly irate Masing and SWP would then be engaged in a friendly BN fight for the 6 seats. This will be seen as a win for PRS or SWP is a BN win and not a Pakatan win.

PKR assemblyman  See Chee How when contacted said,”we will have our say on this matter at the appropriate time”