PRS”2nd Wave of Attacks”

Many phone calls were received by audie61 in the last few days on PRS saying about the ‘enemy within”

Some said,”you all know better and its time to reveal and go on full attack mode against PRS. The question remains,”Should we bother ourselves?” or “We wait and see

We have mentioned earlier,‘A victory for PRS is a victory for BN” and we are not about to rescind on our words

The skirmishes by the sidelines will surely engulf into a bigger war but as per the loyal supporters of PRS they said,”We thought we got the tooth fixed by getting rid of the recalcitrants but now we need really need to extract it fully.

Simply they say, as mosts chinese have been telling them,”we need to chop the headsnake off so that the smaller ones will be irrelevant and not fight back.”

Its all over the news in the print media and internet blogs and we are justs reposting what had happened. We leave it to those who still have REVENGE on their minds to STRIKE.


This was extracted from an internet portal:-

KUCHING: Of late the Julau constituency in Sarawak is causing a lot of worries to Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), primarily because an old enemy is making an insidious comeback.

The MP for Julau parliamentary constituency is Joseph Salang Gandum. Salang won the seat in 1999 and is tipped to defend it again in the 13th general election. Salang is PRS vice-president and Information, Communication and Heritage Deputy Minister.

But a campaign within the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition to topple him appears to be in progress.

The PRS supreme council was yesterday briefed on these “prejudicial activities” which are allegedly being carried out by certain BN leaders to undermine Salang’s position.

Said PRS deputy president Joseph Entulu: “The activities of these leaders pose a serious threat to Salang and the party.

“From the ground reports that we have received, such activities are very unhealthy and none of the component parties in BN should do such backstabbing.”

Entulu, who is also the MP for Selangau and Regional and Rural Development Deputy Minister, urged the BN leadership to take note of their concern.

He said the meeting discussed the issue after party president James Masing warned that Julau might fall to the opposition because some BN leaders were giving covert support to a “certain party” planning to contest in the constituency.

“Julau could fall to the opposition if the BN component parties did not stop supporting the independent candidate in the coming general election,” Masing was quoted as saying.

Julau is one of six parliamentary seats allocated to PRS.

Insider help

Masing said he knew the group behind the campaign to unseat Salang but could not do anything about it.

“We have a serious threat in Julau from people within BN who want to go against Salang. We know it and we have reported it to the top BN leaders.

“It is not smart politics; it’s dirty politics,” Masing said.

While he did not name any individual or party, it is reliably learnt that he was referring to Wong Judat, who is Meluan assemblyman and his supporters from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP).

It is not clear whether SPDP president William Mawan is also involved, although it is common knowledge that Mawan and Masing are not on friendly terms.

However, about 200 supporters of Judat and SPDP members were recently entertained to a dinner in Sarikei by former MP for Julau Sng Chee Hua, who is said to be returning to Julau to contest against Salang.

Although Judat was absent at the dinner, it is alleged that Judat has thrown his support behind Sng to contest against Salang, who they consider as their common “enemy”.

Judat was said to be angry over a RM3 million road project which was withdrawn by Salang and transferred instead to another area.

Salang believed that since the plan for the project was not ready, the money would have been returned to the Finance Ministry.

But instead of returning the money to the ministry, Salang suggested it be diverted to another road project. Salang’s arch rival

Judat refused to accept the explanation. He wanted Salang out of Julau as he is an “outsider”. Salang’s longhouse is in Bintangor, but his grandparents came from Julau.

As for Sng, Salang was his arch rival since the days of the defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) as both had eyed the deputy presidency of the party in the 2003 party election. Sng, however, was defeated.

Moreover, Sng, who won the Julau seat in 1995, was not nominated to defend the seat in the 1999 general election even though he won it with a majority of more than 10,000 votes. His place was taken by Salang.

Sng, who was the “big towkay” in PBDS, allegedly used money to buy votes.

In the coming election, Sng, if he is contesting, is expected to buy the votes of some 7,000 voters out of the 20,761-strong electorate (according to the 2011 electoral rolls).

Voting percentage in this Iban-majority constituency is around 70%.

According to sources, Sng has allegedly promised between RM500 and o RM1,000 per voter, and RM2,000 for each tuai rumah (longhouse chief).

“He needs about RM4 million to RM5 million to topple Salang,” said the sources.

In the 2004 general election, Sng financed Josephine Mawat to contest against Salang who stood on PBDS-BN ticket.

PBDS at that time was a component party of BN at the federal level, but an opposition at the state BN.


Sng deployed various strategies such as organising ‘polling district competitions’ and ‘longhouse competitions’ to win votes.

Sng also depended heavily on the support of other BN component parties in the state and the use of state government facilities to ensure Mawat’s victory.

He even accused Salang of being a ‘Barisan palsu’ (fake) candidate.

On the polling district competitions, any polling district that gave Mawat the highest votes would receive a prize of RM300,000, while the second highest would receive RM150,000, and third RM100,000.

Likewise, any longhouse which gave her the highest votes would also receive monetary prize.

Despite all these efforts, Sng failed to unseat Salang who secured 8,388 votes as against 5,700 votes polled by Mawat – a majority of 2,688 votes.

Asked to comment on the current activities to unseat him, Salang said: “Don’t worry. I welcome his (Sng’s) challenge. This is democracy”.

This appeared in an English Daily Borneo Posts:-

KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has used the phrase – ‘siapa makan chabi,  dia merasa pedas’ (loosely translated- those who eat chillies will taste the  hotness) to those who have sabotaged the party.

As such, PRS deputy president Datuk Joseph Entulu, without specifically  mentioning the party and the people concerned, had urged the culprit to stop  such unhealthy practice.

At a press conference at the party’s headquarters in Jalan Pending here  yesterday, Entulu had mentioned Julau as “very serious” as far as sabotaging PRS  is concerned.

He said the matter was debated at length during the party’s supreme council  meeting yesterday, which he himself chaired.

“To those who have sabotaged us, please stop such unhealthy practice.

“For us in PRS, we will not resort to such tactic and we want a similar  treatment,” Entulu, who is Selangau MP told the press conference.

Complaints from grassroots supporters

According to him, the culprit, whom he had also declined to disclose include  top Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders and a component BN party, adding that PRS had  received complaints from its grassroots supporters.

Asked which component party he is referring to, Entulu merely said: “We have  four component parties.”

The Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development said Barisan Nasional  (BN) top leadership had been notified and were now aware of the matter.

Yesterday, Masing had reportedly voiced similar problem, and cautioned that  Julau could fall to the opposition if the BN component parties did not refrain  from supporting the independent candidate in the coming general election.

Masing, who is Land Development Minister, noted that some members of BN  component parties were giving covert support to certain parties planning to  contest in the constituency.

PRS has five other parliamentary seats- Selangau, Kanowit, Hulu Rajang, Sri  Aman and Lubok Antu, and Entulu had hoped that no such tactic be deployed to all  the seats.

Meanwhile, Entulu said he is expecting a three-corner fight in his Selangau  constituency, but did not go into details.