SWP” No Involvement..!!”

An innocently placed telephone call at 17.57 pm to a former PRS colleague turned out to be more than we bargained for. We justs congratulated my friend for being even considered as per an article which was written for an Internet portal Free Malaysia Today and which has now been picked up by http://malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/newscommentaries/48870-sngs-reputation-thwarting-swp-polls-attempt  

Our friend was mentioned in the article “Sngs reputation thwarting swp-polls attempt” and he was taken by surprised. We read to him extracted,” In Selangau, where the incumbent is Joseph Entulu, Sng has allegedly contacted a former Resident of Kapit division Hilary Mukit. It is understood that Mukit has turned down the offer.

He was furious to say the least, and as good friends we told him we could at least try to clear his name somewhat and we leave the rests to his own actions. We requested an sms if he feels its necessary and he obliged and we received it at 18.17pm

The contents of the sms”Tq for your call.I would like to deny what was written by one Joseph Tawie in Free Malaysia Today where it was alleged that Sng contacted me to be the SWP candidate for Selangau in PRU13.At no time I was ever contacted as alleged and furthermore I am no longer involved in politics.”

There was also the line of which we told our friend Hillary was what was written which caught our attention ,’ Sng is a gambler and a cock-fighter, and ‘quality’ candidates won’t want to gamble their future with him.”

This was also to tell him that he was wise not to have taken the offer. We did not think it would have come to this.

Furthermore after our telephone conversations we were even told that Sng Chee Hua would do an Asajaya replay in which 3 years ago he shouted “Hidup Taib three times” where we were present and heard with our own ears.

The source close to Masing said,”A similar stunt of that nature would be done infront of PM and CM and Sng would have made his intentions known that SWP is BN friendly.”

This will make it certainly irate Masing and SWP would then be engaged in a friendly BN fight for the 6 seats. This will be seen as a win for PRS or SWP is a BN win and not a Pakatan win.

PKR assemblyman  See Chee How when contacted said,”we will have our say on this matter at the appropriate time”


47 thoughts on “SWP” No Involvement..!!”

  1. PRS Hulu Rajang says:

    He is back”woof woof woof” no wonder FMT wrote like that about his boss. Cannot separate them hahahahaha

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Aiyoyo. This is serious the above and as netcitizen we love good storie but we prefer that its done professionally by bloggers or journalists alike.
    The truth hurts and sometimes we wonder how internet portals get their journalists.hmmm

    • Fiery fury says:

      got no exciting stories to write, then fictional drama stories come out la… desperate times calls for desperate stories… nontheless, this will blemish his career as a journalist at FMT.

    • Sinner says:

      Poltics is all about taking risks.

      Do you want to know who the chinaman from kapit that is backing masing.

      For you all to find and for me to know. ha ha

  3. Ruthless says:

    Insider source said, A FMT writer was pay rm1500.00 per article. Like i said if he has written 2 article per days, he is going to make rm 3000. If you multiply by 30 days , he make a gross of rm 90,000.00 per month. He must be the best pay writer in Malaysia?? ?? Where is the Tax Man , is his pay taxable????

    • Fiery fury says:

      Huh?? really?? like that i also want to write a corrupted article like Joseph Tawie and make that much – Tax free oh… no need to make rm90k, only RM9k enough (write on weekends only mah..)

  4. ICF crew says:

    I read in amazement that someones retutation could be so badly tarnished and revealed in this manner in an internet portal. I quote if I may’Sng is a gambler and a cock-fighter, and ‘quality’ candidates won’t want to gamble their future with him.”
    This is really well uncalled for and if the internet portal is not worried they better be as this will be seen as a Defamation of Character lawsuit coming and heaven help the portal if the man Sng pursues the matter. it is an apology forthcoming and the lies which comes with it.
    I justs do wish i know the man Sng.

  5. Sinner says:

    Any saints here. Tell me which Politican is a saint. Is that all Masing can come up with.

    I heard masing has sleepless night now. Tell us how much have you looted from contacts and timber licenses, and how much has you given back to your people.

    Spend spend do not talk sheet. tauke has some fund in sg.

  6. que sera says:

    Justs saw someone waving a white handkerchief from FMT windows. Haha the man Sng would be very unwise not to sue the living day lights out of the portal. they make millions and Sng should know as aftyerall they say he is a gambler. Now the whole world knows.

    • Sinner says:

      we all gamblers some how , some on football, some even on the weather. What else is new?

      I love what YB George told Masing that he should repent. Any ask the voter for forgiveness.

      Confession seems to be in order.

  7. PRS 30 says:

    Sngs reputation bad bad bad. Someone musts not like him too much right woof woof woof? Your boss is now in a bad shape. Why u so quiet?

    • Sinner says:

      Politicans with bad reputation are good for the country. They are safer.

      Hypocrities are bad bad bad. A good example is Hilter. see what he did when he rose to power.

      • Ruthless says:

        Why are so worry about gambling , when we received some money from BRM1 and some people buy 4 digit, that is gambling. If you are grown up in Kapit town and surrounded by Iban friends than most of us would learn the trade of cock fighting cos that is the Iban custom. If he gambling with his money , he gamble away his own money and not the rakyat money. He did not steal rakyat money and gamble it and instead he donates some money to education, so why the writer said he is gamble away rakyat future???? Is this writer being pay by someone or he intentionally to discredit sng ??

  8. PRS 30 says:

    Sinner u mean Hitler is well liked by everyone. U musts be justs released from an institution that promotes I LOVE CRAZY POLITICS.

  9. 2012 hope says:

    Many millionaires and billionaires are gambling their fortunes everyday in stocks.

    Vincent Tan owner of Time Square becomes one the richest man in Msia through gambling,Magnum and Toto.

    Genting too was there because of Gambling industries.Las Vegas,Singapore Genting <Marina Sand,Macau survive partially on these sector.

    Wonder what wrong if one gambles without burdening others ?

    • Ruthless says:

      You are right, the writer need some “ginco”, what is wrong with the politician using his own money to gamble and if his lose it all , after all that is his on money. He don’t gamble away your (writer) future and he only gamble away his own future.

  10. s.jewell says:

    Also feel sorry for this guy Mr.Hilary Mukit. He should at least also asks for some compensation or even a public apology.His reputation is in tatters if he is a respected man. i dont know him but thats the way to do it. My humble advice.

  11. Margaret K says:

    Feel sorry for those implicated like that especially in the internet. No truths dont write . If one cooks up a story be prepard to face the consequences. Up to those gentleman to take action.

  12. Ruthless says:

    Today Star under the heading ” Abit: I a’m still the man”

    The running for the BN candidates seats for Hulu Rajang seat is over yet said Billy. He said based on his feedback from the people his rating is still higher than ugak. Billy is still going all around the constituency and wait until the” “boss make the announcement . “Agi edup Agi Nelaban”

  13. Ruthless says:

    Quote from Borneo Post, If Pelagaus assemblyman Gerge Lagong were to challege BN inthe coming election, they would not welcome him to their longhouses as they considered him an outsider. I believe the person who make the statement must be very emotional at that time. I myself being to so many longhouses and never fell unwelcome and they are most friendly people in the world. When you arrive at the longhouse, first they welcome you and second question they ask is “udah makai”? If not they would bring whatever foods they got and serve you. So please, don’t get wrong impression that the longhouses don’t welcome guss???

  14. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: That No.’1′ LIAR + BIG SPENDER will be a ‘FUGITIVE’ in FRANCE & MONGOLIA if they afraid to testify there!!!! :arrow: http:bit.ly/JuQ8Yx :roll:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  15. 2012 hope says:

    George Lagong wouldn’t be able to lie the voters for the second time.

    During the last election.he told his supporters voting him is the same as voting for BN as he will apply to join BN if he win.

    Pelagus had been totally neglected and deprived development funds by govt after George won as punishments to them.They regretted and promise not vote for opposition again anymore.

  16. 2012 hope says:

    One rural vote worth 6 urban ballots,favours BN.

    Something is seriously wrong when you can win 50.4 % of the Parliament with just 18.9 % of the votes.

    Smallest 112 seats only represented 33.8 % of the electorates.

    Unequal- sized constituencies and gerrymandering manipulated of the electrol boundaries greatly fvoured BN,

    If these scenarios continue,Opposition will always on losing side.

  17. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Me also pro B=eNd before n I know n U know la…..many near them bcoz of $$$$$ but if U all look in long term….all minority other races will be SECOND CLASS citizens if under them…n not good n fair to our coming generation!!!! lets ABU n sapu them BERSIH X3…. :lol:

  18. Ruthless says:

    Star: Headline : Abit not on party’s mind
    Hulu Rajang incumbent Billy can forget about defending the seat on the Barisan ticket in the coming election said Wilfred. Wait !!!!

  19. PRS 30 says:

    Mana tak tidur ruthless dengan Larry. PRS dan TS Masing want to send him back to his homeland Taiwan lah.Apa passport number nya dan IC No. Cakap Lah!

    • 2012 hope says:

      PRS 30 you are asking the most pathetic yet stupid questions.

      The Home ministry , NRD and Election commission must had been blind and dead if Larry can use foreign Passports or IC to stand as candidate during election,are you more credible than them ?.

      As i have said earlier dont openly show types of brain you have with your senseless comments.Otherwise you are lowering the integrity and capability of PRS 30 as whole which i understand is a team full of highly qualify professionals.

  20. PRS Hulu Rajang says:

    Betel kawan PRS 30. Dia tak berani lawan kalau tak ada OK dari “pek moh” Semua jentera BN akan lawan dengan SWP.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Hulu Rajang will be the first seat to lose for unavoidable sabotaging over tussling of candidate,mark my words.

      • 2012 hope says:

        Political pundits predict it’s not George Lagong that will be contesting in Hulu Rajang instead Larry Sng who declares interest in the coming polls.

        Will he a gainer from the infighting between faction of Billy and Lagong ?

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